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  1. I tried to fly an LPV approach last night for the first time, in fact the first precision approach I've tried in the Cessna 310, but I got no Glideslope indication? Even when the battery master is off I don't see a GS flag on the HSI. Does this aircraft's HSI even have a glideslope? I must be missing something.
  2. I see a lot of jagged lines (jaggies, whatever you want to call them) even with everything set to ultra. I'm running a 1080ti on a 3440x1440 monitor. Anyone have this and fix it?
  3. Compared to how FS2020 was when I first installed, I now notice things like tree's appearing more like sparse blocky triangular objects rather than nice looking trees! I have my setting at ultra and my internet bandwidth is unlimited (fiber optic, 700mpbs) so I dont know what could be happening? Any ideas?
  4. I found the thread on the 750, but not the 650? Also, the sales pages seem totally unclear about any of this. I'm specifically looking for integration in the panel in the C172 without having to modify config files etc.
  5. This seems to have come back again for me. It seems to miss key up or key downs from time to time, and the same with the middle mouse wheel up and down. Weirdly if I use my XBOX controller I don't have a problem.
  6. Hi folks, Yesterday chase plane was working fine. I've not really changed many settings from the default and was using the middle mouse button held down to look around. However now sometimes when I press it, it instantly looks down at the seat and I can't work out why! FSLabs A320 if that makes a difference in P3D V3
  7. Thanks for the replies, I've been working through the FCOM so that's great. I just wanted to check I had not missed something. Should we expect an FCTM for the new 747 or is it not available as part of the product?
  8. did I miss the detail about the fuel systems in tutorial 1? I don't remember seeing it. Also, is there no FCTM for the 747?
  9. (If this is in the wrong place please do move it!) I don't post much, but I have to say, the new PMDG 777 course from Airline2Sim is simply fantastic. I loved their Q400 series, but the production quality and the level that this training is pitched at feels even better than before. For me, it never seems overly complex or confusing and has a decent amount of dry British humour (sorry Americans!). I have the NGX, and had been holding on to my money ready for the new 747, but after watching the first few videos, the 777 is now also in my hanger. (Thanks for making me poorer, A2S!). For those of us that fly a PMDG product, we surely do so because of the depth of simulation that PMDG brings? In that case, aren't we all looking to operate the aircraft just as a real crew might? That's what Airline2Sim brings to my simulation experience. Sure, you can get by without it, but if that's the case why not just buy a cheaper, simpler product? For me, at $40, this is an essential purchase if you own, or are thinking about buying, the PMDG 777! I'm also all for supporting what is a one man band at Airline2Sim (and a fellow Brit!) Long may products like this appear! Happy New Year everyone. Anyone else got it? What do you think? PS - my wife is the ATC voice for Hawaii in the course. No commission though I'm afraid!
  10. Yep. Exactly the same for me. I now have the B1900 for free. Such a shame. I really wanted the Phenom to be as fantastic as it looks. I contemplated getting my money back, but I'd still rather them stay in business and giving me another aircraft for free doesn't cost them anything and they get to keep the ££.
  11. Trying out AS16 this morning and noticed this. Looks like its to do with the new low visibility effects in AS16 as I've never seen anything like it before. It goes back to normal as you exit the cloud.
  12. Hi there Jim, I've done little else other than watch the FSMania videos on the aircraft over the last few days! It it does feel a little bit like you're saying I must be doing something wrong? I fly aircraft real world with G1000's in them so I was basing what I was trying to do (nothing particularly fancy) both on my experience and on what I've seen of FS Mania doing. Perhaps the order I entered the flight plan caused something strange to happen? I'm not sure, but it genuinely did not work properly for me with route creation and manipulation. Also for me, the flight level change just did not pitch accurately or quickly enough to maintain the selected speed without needing to keep an eye on things. I might make a short video though just to either show what is happening or have something blindingly obvious be pointed out to me! I 100% appreciate that this is a relatively cheap add-on compared to other aircraft available and I am OK with that and it's shortcomings. It is still quite frustrating, though! I've since managed to bodge the GTN750 into the panel and that does the trick. So at least I can still fly, what is, after all, a stunning model from Carenardo.
  13. Oh wow this G1000 really is awful. Trying to set a direct to a fix in my route and it WILL NOT change the active leg. I wanted to try it without the GTN mod just to see. Wished I had not bothered. As for the level change? Truly terrible.
  14. Purchase made, Phenom 100 with the Navigraph pack running P3D V3.2 with no problems at all. Sat at KPSP with SoCal and getting a solid 40 frames (my system is good, but no crazy good) so no issues from me. When you pop out the PFD both the left and right PFD's go blank. So doesn't that mean they are the same gauge and therefore switching one off wouldn't make any difference to frames? Oh and here she is!
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