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  1. Does anyone know if this fixes the AFCAD parking issue in P3DV4. I installed the update but still see very few spots available especially in cargo on a particularly busy airport.
  2. Hi, I bought a 32 inch QHD monitor (2048 x 1440). While P3D runs fine, FS Tramp is all fussy. I have a 1080GTX card. Is there any way I can get it to work better? Thanks,
  3. Hi, I will go for an used 1080ti (MSI) it's about $400-$450 used so I can get a bigger 4K monitor and run P3DV4. 2080ti is about $750 which is a bit after my budget. When 3080ti comes around I can consider upgrading. I will sell the old 1080GTX, I can probably get about $300 for it here in the UK so it's not a massive investment. I am also using the opportunity to get it from the States as my parents are flying to visit me here in the UK Just wanted to sense check that my plan makes sense and there will be performance improvement especially if I use a bigger monitor. Loving my new 9900k - it's ultra quiet and runs most things butter smooth. So much better than the old 4790k that I had before.
  4. i erased the files in the Shaders folder and confirm the problem has gone away. Thank you
  5. @Twenty6 You are absolutely correct. I did install REX Environment Force but then de-installed it as it was interfering with PMDG. And if I recall correctly, this is when I started to get the blank ground textures. Is there a fix for this?
  6. Hi, i did a new install of P3V4.5 only installed ORBX Global and LC and I see black ground textures. These are across all airports. Does anyone have any idea why is so? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X-1W-Z-vSMRqdQZBt5FRLuv7IpvzZs_K/view?usp=sharing
  7. This is a very good point about the card for 4k and 32. In terms of timing, I have some family coming from the States end of Feb early March, so I would use the opportunity to get the card over. I can enjoy with 1080GTX in 1080p on my 24 until then. Any views if GTX 2080 or 1080Ti is better for P3DV4 in 4K? Thanks
  8. I recently updated my P3D rig to i9900k processor with 32GB memory. I kept the old video card 1080GTX, but am now thinking of updating my venerable 24 Samsung LCD as its 8 years old. I wanted to move up in size - 28 inch or maybe 32cm. Besides P3D I’d also like to stream movies on Amazon Fire. The big question here becomes if to go 4K or 1080p, and if 4K then if its worth updating my 1080GTX for maybe a 2nd hand 1080Ti or similar card? My budget for monitor is up to £400. thanks
  9. Thanks. Is there any benefit on having a separate drive for the P3D installation versus on the same drive as the Windows install? I notice that P3D actually does not include everything in the P3D directory but uses the Addons folder and also Program Data directory on the C drive. The PC is 95% used for P3D. I bought a 2TB SSD but also have the old 1TB drive with FSX that I was going to wipe and sell once I got everything up and running. I could re-purpose it for the system drive. Also - in the FSX days I used to add all my scenery into Addon Scenery, then group subfolders by continent, however I see by default installers install into different folders (i.e. Aerosoft, P3D Addon Scenery, Simmarket, etc.) What is the best strategy around this? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am building a new computer from i4790k to to i9900. Everything is new except the PS and the graphics card (1080GTX) I will also be migrating to Windows 10. I suspect the best way to do it is a clean P3DV4 install with a manual install of Prepar3D, all of the airplanes and scenery. Is there anything I can lift and shift (i.e. UT2) to make it a bit easier? Thanks
  11. Thank you. Ordering now: i9900k GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI 32 GB - what RAM would you recommend - i.e. speed? Corsair H115 - is this a quiet cooler? Thanks
  12. Hi, I am revisiting this topic. The 1080GTX and 16GB provided extra life, and I enjoyed performance in P3DV4 that I could never have with FSX. However, as Christmas is around the corner I can capitalize on my 1x per year trip to the States and upgrade the rest of the system - Mobo/processor/memory/cooler and maybe storage (thought I have 2 x SSD drives) What processor is now the best replacement to 4790k? I am not looking top of the line, maybe just below to maximize the value of flight simming over the next several years. Thanks
  13. Hi, Just following up because i still cannot find a solution to this problem even after de-install and re-install. The way I get around it is, I load up a flight in P3D (no traffic), then I save and quit. I then manually load the UTLive thick client and sometimes it starts injecting traffic but not a fool proof method. any help would me much appreciated. @Ank
  14. Hi, I have been using UT Live for about a year now, no problems. I started to notice that it stopped injecting AI traffic a couple of days ago. The UTLiveclient.exe is running and I see UT Live in the add on menu. I did a de-install and install but this persists. Sometmes I open UT live.exe and when I shut UTlive.exe down soemtimes the AI aircraft start injecting just fine. But then when I restart P3D it goes back to not working. Does anyone have any ideas/hints why this is working sporadically? Thanks
  15. Thanks all for the advice. I upgraded to GTX 1080 card and 16GB memory. Is there a benefit of keeping the old 2 x 4GB to have 24GB memory or does this not work?
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