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  1. Manuel, Can you add also an option to stop the pushback in a certain place without killing the push all together? such as GSX has? I would love to be able to stop it pushing in a certain place if it does not stop where i want it to. PS: I have 100% repro for pushback not stopping on PMDG 747 in 1.2.
  2. Well, have only tried it once now after the update to 1.2. Will try more later on and will let you know if that still happens.
  3. Just got the same problem as the OP: Started Push from SW 12 Parking on Flightbeam KSFO and it kept pushing even after i killed the process...i had to reload to gate 😞
  4. Ok, now all works as intended, thank you very much for the quick turnaround 😄 (pun intended)
  5. Ok, so now i installed the 1.1 version and it no longer is reproducible, however i now have a problem with the afcads for this airport (not tested other airports yet): - there are some parkings that exist in the afcad and UGCX no longer sees (point 1 of the images below) and it is not reading the actual position of the airplane at the gate (point 2): Aivlasoft EFB view UGCX view As a results, i cannot even pushback anymore as it says the aircraft is not located at a gate... -Also, the parking names no longer coincide as UGCX sees the parking as 1-20 and all under the same location - Parking. Before the update it saw the SW, NW, etc parkings.
  6. It might be Brian, but what i am saying is that the tow truck kept pushing me through the buildings the direction of the arrow
  7. I seriously doubt that - it is the first time it happens and i have been towing planes since UGCX launched. None of the precoius times i pushed the plane and it does not really make sense to be honest. It should push and tow the plane automatically. What is the point then of process if i still need to pushback from the gate?
  8. Well, I just got the same this, on the FlightBeam KSFO. I wanted to be towed from gate A1 to SW parking SW2. What happened is that the tug pushed me back from gate A1 and kept pushing me back all the way to gate G91 and kept pushing back before i hit the kill switch 😞
  9. Guys, how about making the pushback vehicle come realistically from another point of the Airport? I mean it is all nice with the realistic tow and push, but still, when the pushback sequence starts, the fact that the tug just spawns in could be a bit better. I remember i had AES (just a little but torrented :D) and the way it was dealing with the pushback and the models they were using for the tugs were even better than GSX. Maybe take inspiration from there?
  10. Really appreciate it Manuel! Now that i started using it as it was intended i am warming up to it. So, as i stated from the beginning (and this is for Bryan specifically as he seemed to have been most affected by my statements) - there was an expectations gap in my case. For what this add-on is meant to do - it outclasses GSX by lightyears. I am looking forward for more features to be added into it and for the bugs i mentioned above to be fixed too. PS: i got another bug yesterday: I towed a PMDG 747-8F from parking to R81 Cargo ramp (FlyTampa EHAM) and when i got the the gate, all the tires were deflated and during the tow the plane kept applying the brakes ever so often as if not to overtake the tug.
  11. Bryan, Listen, i have been very happy with your products in the past. If i left a reply, that is because i care. And i did not rage or rant just to be as @sshole. I know just as well as you do what early adoption means. Manuel - what happens with the people that do not follow actively your development channel? Are we not to have the same level info as all the others? I am quite a busy guy during the day and am not really a Forum addict so i do not spend my time on forums following development threads, sorry. I am someone that expects a detailed description of the product he is about to buy, in the store he is buying it from. Would you buy a box of anything that does not have a description of the contents inside? Just saying. Anyway, i feel that this is not really the kind of greeting Bryan and the team were expecting and i am sorry i had to be the bearer of bad press.
  12. Launch day: have been following this add-on for a few years, not extremely closely but with interest nonetheless. Yesterday the launch happened. Checked the trailer: "Your airport will never be the same again" states the developer. Of course, my pants are blown away by the raging excitement of the new replacement to GSX. Head to the store, cough up the cash, wait until evening to get home and get rid of GSX. Get home, uninstall GSX and install UGCX. Read all the documents for the starting part, all good. Fire up P3D, put in my home airport which i customized using GSX with SODE jetways and customer vehicle positioning. I was expecting the jetways to disappear, they were put there by GSX after all, but I was fine with the default ones. Load into the Airport - well, now what? what is the shortcut for the UGCX control panel? Calm the documentation, nothing, could not find any shortcut. Fine, used the Add-ons options from the sim. Open the control panel, read the options there - a lot of Marshaling and push/tow options, configs...where are the other services? Go back and read the documentation. After 20 minutes I realize that there is no other service in the add-on. Quit the sim, re-install GSX; kind of bummed up. Meh, I guess it was my fault for not documenting myself about the add-on's actual content. The functions it already had are outstanding - talking to the ground crew (buttons, I did not use voice), configuring the type of Tug will appear for any given aircraft type ( so you no longer get super-heavy tugs for 737s), wing walkers, great, honestly. Fine, let's use GSX to do the pre-flight and UGCX to push. Getting to gate departure - "Pin inserted, release brakes". "Brakes released" - Red message from GSX to put on the brakes immediately. Ignore it as there obviously is no integration between the 2 tools (not that i was expecting that, it was fine) but after 20ft GSX despawns all the vehicles. Great, so much for my immersion here. Push is fine, nothing really different from GSX. Take off, go to destination (EHAM - FlyTampa). After landing i decide to test the Follow-me service and ask for a follow-me car. The FM car gets to me, stops in front of me, no queue to start moving. Anyway, i guess i would move and it would. And so it was, until i got to a speed above 15-18 knots. Then the care in front of me starts violently drifting left to right and speeding up as it does. At a certain point i could no longer see the FM car as it was either too far or had despawned. All of this was happening at night so i tend to say i lost it from view. Get to the gate, deboard, and initiate the Tow to parking. The marshallers appear and engine wash-off effect appear in front of one of them. Strange, i look at the Aivalsoft EFB - it is seeing 3 planes in close proximity to my plane. I guess this was a compromise to get the objects to appear. Fine, that is not a big issue (even though it does not really make my immersion warm and fuzzy). Tow starts. I choose the speed of 15 Knots to clear the busy airport terminal area quickly. After about 2 minutes the tug starts drifting just as the FM car was, with the plane doing the same as it, as it was in tow. Reduce speed to 12 knots - still drifting but not as hard. Down to 9 knots - it stops drifting. Finally get the plane to parking and the "plane" marshallers with their engine wash-offs appear to direct the final parking tow. Plane is parked, I sit and contemplate what i have seen for my 35 Euros - A relatively better pushback process (not the push itself but the available options) A gimmicky tow process that did not really work well A follow-me car which did not work well at all Now, my initial reaction was to submit a refund ticket, but of course i voided my refund right the moment i downloaded the add-on, so i feel like i am pretty much stuck with it now, like it or not. Conclusion: This add-on has massive potential and i know that FS2crew team can and will pull it off, but i feel that the marketing has been misleading for the launch and flashing a Road Map to push out a somewhat finished product is not the best excuse to get money, especially in the wake of Battlefront 2 and Anthem's disasters. I would recommend to all that want to purchase it to first thoroughly document yourself if it really is what you want and then spend you money. And if it is, go nuts, buy it, you will enjoy it as it will meet your expectations. As for the Developer, i still have trust i will get my money's worth out of this tool as i know you have a habit of making great add-ons, but now it is very far from it and i honestly expected more after 3-4 years...And that is the key here - you over-promised and under-delivered in my honest view. I might be wrong and I am subjective here, but this is what i feel. I hope you get what i am saying and do not become defensive about it. This is constructive criticism.
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