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  1. Well done Ron! Time to start flying them ...
  2. Thanks Ron. Nice touch. Is the P2-HOR panel already included in the pain?
  3. Well done as always Ron. I think I saw 250 liveries here on Avsim. Don't you ever sleep?
  4. The autopilot oscillates. Can not follow nav or hdg bug. Plane will eventually crash.
  5. When tuning to a navaid ,VOR or ILS, the display on the GNS 530 does not show the ID of the tuned navaid. It shows the next waypoint or the last letters of the airport you are going to. Is this correct?
  6. Can anyone with experience with the Seminole please comment on if the Alabeo Seminole flies correctly by the numbers? I have found some training materials and would like to use correct speeds and power settings. Do they match up with the real thing?
  7. I seem to remember that you can select altitudes via the ALT button and the left knob on the left Garmin screen. You got to start dialing quickly after pressing the ALT button though.
  8. Ron! LN-TEX hint hint nudge nudge Mostly standard USAF with LN-TEX under stab.
  9. I can try to explain what I did. You need a program to edit the air file. I used a freeware called AirEd. Google to find it. Then make a copy of the Dove air file as bakcup. Once AirEd is installed, open the dc-3 air file in it. Scroll down to table 473, select it and right click on it. On the menu select Copy to clipboard. . Open the Dove airfile in AirEd and right click and select Add from clipboard. Save the file and go try the Dove.
  10. I did not find a table 437, so I did some investigating. It seems to be a typo, it is table 473. Adding this table from the dc-3 works fine. Copy from dc3, Add from clipboard in dove with AirEd.
  11. I will have to withdraw from this. Sorry.
  12. Yes, I did not have that functionality. Maybe it might have something to do with me not being in the RTW Race Team? Or that I'm not a thrusted member yet? (only a few posts)
  13. I found the problem; I had selected Keep tracking private. Sorry for that. Other than that the program worked well. I had to klick "End" but the guys that turned up on TS said it should pop up by it self. Not sure if I have disabled that functionality... :-) Anyway it was a nice experience for a rookie.
  14. Baton is free SOCA https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8185860/Duenna/2016-01-12/FlightLog_23-14-40.TXT
  15. No, I didn't get any help, but it seems to be working. We'll see whats happening when I land. Just testing.
  16. Whish me luck. My first leg ever. I have Baton TGPY SOCA Epic LT
  17. Hi I am a new guy in this, hoping to learn enough in time to join the race. ( Callsign ) verbli ( Flightsim version ) FSX Steam ( Experience in Flightsim ) Singles and light twins. Piston prefered. Some experience. ( Timezone =/- UTC ) +1
  18. I find only one set of radios, even when using the GPS/radio combo. This makes some IFR procedures difficult/impossible. Like DME from VOR, but land on localizer. The manuals states about IFR that all procedures could be flown in full. Any one else have this problem?
  19. Hi again, Would it be possible to include a way to send the initial range/tilt as a startup parameter? Like nogps|icing|20nm Something like this would be great when clickspots are unavailable.
  20. I contacted them about it. They said that the issues are known, and will be fixed in a future version of the plane. That includes the missing OAT gauge too.
  21. Ok, not to worry. :-) Is there some other way to change settings? Like assigning keys to change L:vars or similar?
  22. Hi, I have tried to include this (1.0) in the Alabeo C404 Titan. I manage to get it placed perfectly in the Alabeo WX radar spot, but the click spots are not there. If I place it offcenter to the left I get 2 narrow click spots. The more I move it offcenter the bigger the click spots gets. It looks to be working normal with autostart and nogps, but I would like to have the click spots. Is that possible?
  23. Hi, Could you please post details from your Panel.cfg to show how you implement this? and btw, the temps are an easy fix. Se other thread
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