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  1. I have 2 x 28" samsung 4K UHD and have been fantastic for me with no issues whatsoever. Night flying is great with gorgeous blacks on show and really vibrant ground lights (perhaps helped with chris bell lights) take a look on amazon and see what you think 😁
  2. I have 2 x samsung 28" 4k uhd and due to size of room I have , suits me perfectly, room size also has a bearing on the size of the screen I believe. A 65" I see someone has would be like sitting in front of my local IMAX cinema which would give me major neck ache on longer flights. I have had no issues whatsoever with my samsung buddies and well worth the money for flight sims..... 😁
  3. And dont forget the new offerings from Microsoft next year , so maybe, hang fire until the new FSX launches and you will have even more options to consider.... never had so much choice .... yay 😁
  4. HD Airplanes have released a 767 .... 😁
  5. Simbol, it's just for fun and god had nothing to do with it lol 😁
  6. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152585731141843&id=178486766842 cool huh 😁
  7. Sim market are a payware site to my knowledge and if I managed to find the textures then I fail to see what you needed to figure out ??? I have checked myself and went to sim market and searched A220 and ta da , there they were. if the packs were an update from the makers of the A220 I would have said so .... I said what they were and where they were so others can check it out for themselves ....
  8. https://fsi.microsoftstudios.com/ a few words from Microsoft
  9. i installed the New HD textures available at simmarket and they are great, looks so much better. 4K textures.
  10. guys i have edited the sound file with the forward slash but i cant save it? it says i dont have permission!!!???
  11. For me I like to drop into the seat, contact atc get the height I need and departure runway , head on out to the runway , no GSX take off and climb out and set AP , change directions when asked , set up ils and land , watch tv and go to bed 😁 .... pmdg is great but I have most of their craft as I'm greedy but to be honest with my IQ if 20 I couldn't get on with all the setting up stuff which you dont have to do in the ifly equivalent.... pmdg is great graphics textures etc but for me personally I sit in front of the VC looking at clouds supplied by Asp4 and rex , check my phone for updates and dont really ever look at the outside view so the HD textures etc dont fuss me as much .... not many pilots pop outside during a flight to check the look of the aircraft skin and then report back to their peers on their findings , they may do but I doubt it 🤔..... so if you want to sit down have a nice enjoyable flight listening to the rumble.of the engines for a few hours then , for little old me , the ifly is just what the doctor ordered ....
  12. They kept that quiet !!! Cool though and glad they are making a come back , I just hope they make it compatible with the payware that's been launched since they quit .... plus also making things a competitive market and the likes of p3d and xplane working harder to provide the better sim ....😁
  13. I have downloaded the latest version from flight 1 which contains the hot fix but tonight when switching off AP the bird just nose dived into the ground on approach ? So where others have said the hotfix worked , it hasn't on my 757 ? Any ideas guys ? P3d v4 release
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