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  1. Anders, it takes courage to publicly apologize and explain yourself these days. Thank you for your fine example! Others wouldn't even admit that they were rude and keep on. That's why online debates become so suddenly toxic. Thanks again.
  2. We must plainly accept at this stage that GFO at this point is met with moderate to cool acceptance. That doesn't preclude anything. Maybe it's just the hangover following the PERCEIVED mismatch between the announcement hype and the actual announcement. Let GFO sink in people's minds.
  3. People, I humbly suggest going back to the original topic.
  4. The debate is interesting, but without any hard facts why DTG really choose to cut development the debate will just be between "knew it all from the start" and "negative campaigning brought it down".
  5. If ceteris paribus the same exact FSW was done by PMDG (or the now legendary "consortium"), how many of DTG's most hostile critics would now praise the same product as the Second Coming? Just wondering how much criticism is just brand fetish. I really wonder why even PMDG's Robert Randazzo had to retaliate with his long announcement which read by the way as if DTC were always the *bad guys* and they (the "consortium") were always the *good guys* defending our holy flight sim community from foul players. With all due respect for PMDG and other companies, but they are businesses, too, and their market does not live by love for the community alone. Their carefully developped public image as the top notch sim devs and the community's *good guys* is a part of their business plan too, and there's nothing wrong with it! However to say, as others still do, DTG was just in for the quick money, after people barraged FSW so hard from day one, is a bit... little differentiated.
  6. paulopp

    Farewell FSW

    I took the chance and bought most of the addons in the hope that FSW would thrive. That was arguably naive. I can see why many people were reluctant in joining in when there was no complete program. Despite all my disappointment I nevertheless thank the developpers for their promising work. FSW was better than its reputation.
  7. paulopp

    Farewell FSW

    You're right, Tony. Got FSW very cheap, but I also bought literally ALL addons which sums up to a price I would have probably spent better on P3D/XP11. Never again, early-access DLC.
  8. paulopp

    Farewell FSW

    So, here go my money and hopes flushed through the toilet. I learn from mistakes the hard way. I don't begrudge the people who allegedly knew from the start and their tad of schadenfreude. But I still can't be "sad" about FSW's demise, I am more angry. They outlined a greater future and then bang! How could I have been so naive with all the bad omen? Why do they even bother selling it until May 24th? They should end it right here.
  9. Relax, people. One may well like study level sims and even RTFM but does not wish another Boeing. That's all. No need for a demonstration of FS elitism.
  10. If you swap just four letters in PMDG, you got the word BEER, just sayin...
  11. FSGU NG is the more comprehensive package and FSG2018 lacks some of its features, like deep-sea data for P3D and local meshes for particular areas, the so-called "showcases". It also has more resolution (1m). I use FSGU (got the DVD version though, which takes a very long time to install), it adds about 80GB to your drive. Compatible with FSX/SE, P3D (all versions) and now FSW. Hope this helps.
  12. Glad you like it. The poor wretch who happens to be layman me is per law not entitled to P3D (and probably other FSX users,too), so I must enviously wait for your stream and walk on to FSW.
  13. Why is it that everytime people advise to switch to P3D that I must immediately think of the legal difference between education and entertainment, and suddenly begin to hear "The Great Pretender" by The Platters in my mind? ;-)
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