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  1. Thanks at all, Very helpful for me, now my p3d is stable and so smooth 😃
  2. Hello everyone, I updated to i5 8600k and for now it is at default clock (3,60 to 4,30ghz). 1)But, i'd like to know if it's good, when i apply the OC to 4,50ghz). I play the auto-tuning mode on the gigabyte easy tune program (it set the OC to 4,50) and i would like to be sure if the voltage is correct. 2) If i take the clock to 4,70 ghz i need to up or i can continue with default voltage (1.2 volt) ? 3) In the screenshot i see the first clock is saturated.. in the cfg i don't have affinity mask. It better if all the cores aren't saturated ? (Now I will try with 62/63 affinity mask and i will see) Screenshot Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah i will wait. I will buy new gpu for other games and not for only p3d (dynamic light) Thanks again at all
  4. For the cpu and the mobo I went ahead because a my friend will buy my components at a very good price and I only "make" money. The gpu is the answer... So.. my addons: ASP4 with ASCA, PTA, PMDG 7xx, Fslabs a320x and spotlight, aerosoft professional a319 (a320/330 in future), Fsrealtime, simelite time zone fixer, envtex cloud and sky, Ftx global, vector, opelc EU, NA, SA, then i have region of orbx (california,england ecc...) freeemeshx. I hope this is all.. I MUST want a good graphics and DECENT performances (no high fps or similar but good fixed 30 fps because i have 60hz monitor). My settings are close to the maximum, but I have chosen them with awareness and advice from you experts. EDIT: Also i play 1080p/60hz but in the future i update to 4k (probably) and my fps now is 20/30 with pmdg amd aerosoft. With fps 23-- fps...
  5. Thanks Now i go to buy mobo and cpu. For the gpu i wait the new release ans i will decide
  6. Hello everyone, I installed many addons in this years and now i want change some components for a better experience. My pc now: CPU is i5 6600 GPU is GTX 970 g1 gaming RAM is kingstone hyper fury 2x8 2133mhz I think will change cpu to i5 8600k with gigabyte z370p d3. And in the future the new release of gpu nvidia (2070 or its name). Is good that or not? Thanks in advance!
  7. After a long time since the beginning of this problem, I have come to a conclusion. The problem is Nvidia Inspector and specifically the frame limiter (and probably for all). Currently I have installed penultimate driver and I can't use the frame limiter because it cause the dxgi error. Have anyone tried with the latest drivers? And also, someone is using NI with frame limiter without dxgi error? Which driver ? Thanks at all, for me the frame limiter in NI is very helpful for my perfomance. Simone
  8. It load anyway, with or without fsrealtime. Since this post, i fly (with Fsrealtime) without any error. (7+ flights) I think this problem is random, probably when fsrealtime must reload the scenery for adapt the time and there is some broken AI traffic. Moreover, when fsrealtime must reload, the loading window doesn't appear because the time move +1 or -1 hours and this doesn't involve the reloading all scenery. PS. Sorry for bad english, i hope that you understand 🤣
  9. Hello everybody, I have this problem for several months.. Everything is going well when the loading window appears but shows nothing. To "unlock" it, I have to use the offset of fs real time and the loading starts. The loading starts but it stops at 86% (loading the traffic) Screen: I don't know what is the problem, I use UtLive for traffic. In that fly i was using PMDG 737, AS16 with ASCA, fsrealtime with simelite time zone fixer, ezca2, pro-atc x and utlive (P3D v4.2). Minor addons:, project fly, sim acars 1.4.0. I hope in your help because there isn't error in event viewer and this isn't .dll error. Thanks a lot in advance, Simone PS. I can restart (to infinity) the loading only with fsrealtime but it stuck always in the traffic loading.
  10. I did another flight (4 hours). No error. In first page in this topic someone post a video to resolve the dxgi error. I follow that video and i added TdrLevel in regedit. So, my change is: 1) Add TdrLevel 2) In nvidia control panel -> Vsync to OFF 3) Nvidia inspector -> Only frame limiter (35fps) 4) Nvidia driver -> 397.64 I hope this can solve the problem to someone else. PS: Anyway, TdrLevel isn't the solution. There is a problem with LM and Nvidia driver probably or another cause, because our Gpu don't complete the task or something and that create the error. This is the page of microsoft about the Tdr registry keys:
  11. Wow 😍 finally i finish a flight! No problem, no error. Very stable simulator. I don't know if this change in Nvidia control panel is the resolution of problem, but for this flight is ok. I do another flights tonight or tomorrow and i keep you update.
  12. This is the worst info.. I can't complete a flight because after takeoff (4-6 minutes) i get this error. 3 flight and 3 dxgi error... now i am doing an another flight for test. Above i wrote that i have vsync off in control panel, but i use this change only in that flight. In this moment, after takeoff i don't get error (for now..). I am already FL250 and don't get error. So, for clarify: In the first 3 flights i use: Control panel vsync -> use 3d application Nvidia inspector -> only fps limiter In this fourth flight: Control panel vsync -> Off Nvidia inspector -> only fps limiter I keep you updated
  13. Hello, I have the same problem. i reinstalled an older driver -> 397.64 In nvidia control panel i set OFF the vsync and in nvidia inspector i use only frame limiter (35fps). I have this problem SINCE i updated windows (April update-1803) AND i updated p3d from 4.1 to 4.2... Also i updated the add-ons for compatibily to p3d v4.2. PS. Sorry for my bad english
  14. Simone99

    Problem fslabs a320

    Hello, I used a320 for many flight and it worked very well. Yesterday evening i added the ftx scenery, openLC EU,NA,SA and i updated the airac to 1712.When i loaded the aircraft ALL light are on, nothing is switchable, all is stuck... I stay on the pc for 2 hours but nothing is resolved. I unistalled both a320 and spotlight and ALL inherent the fslabs folder. I reinstalled and restarted the pc but when i started the sim and a320 is loaded nothing is change. Sorry for my bad english Thanks at all