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  1. Wed Dec 26 15:05:04 2018 (utc) version 12.17 PSXT (32 bit) for Prepar3D v3/v4 or FSX ***************************** parameters ***************************** GROUND_TRAFFIC=false LIVE=true LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false COLLISION_DET_GND=true LOG_PARK=false LOG_MATCHING=false HEAVY_AIRCRAFT=true MIDDLE_AIRCRAFT=true LOG_THIRD_PARTY_AC=false ADD_FLIGHTPLAN=false LOG_XML=false LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=false AUTO_MODE=false COLLISION_USER_LIVE_GND=true COLLISION_USER_PARKED=true COLLISION_3RDP_PARKED=false MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 LATERAL_RANGE=40 MAX_LIVE_AIRCRAFT=200 UPS=25 PARKING_PERCENTAGE=30 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Wed Dec 26 VMRGENERATOR=C:\AILGenerator FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER=flightplans PARKEDFOLDER=C:\ParkPosGenerator\parked BLOCK_CALLSIGN= ********************************************************************** 9991 airports were read from "data\airports.xml" *** author: ParkPosGenerator *** version: 8.0 *** date: Wed Dec 12 Initializing server at port 10747 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXseeconTraffic ... Microsoft Flight Simulator X connected Data provider connected Aircraft type information read from "data\types.xml" *** author: PSXseeconTraffic *** version: 12.11 *** date: Sat Dec 1 Wingspan information read from "data\wingspan.xml" *** author: PSXseeconTraffic *** version: 13.0 *** date: Sat Dec 1 Max possible half wingspan: 35.9 *************************************** liveries summary *************************************** 1740 liveries read from file C:\AILGenerator\AI_liveries.xml *** author: AILGenerator *** version: 3.1 *** date: Mon Nov 26 100 registration codes for a livery generic Boeing liveries for 2 types: B744 B748 generic Airbus liveries for 3 types: A21N A319 A320 no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries no generic Private liveries 374 unique airlines 95 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type B763, num liveries: 57 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type A320, num liveries: 288 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type C172, num liveries: 6 No default livery found for aircraft category Heli ************************************************************************************************ User aircraft title: Beech Baron 58 Paint1 User aircraft model: BE58 User aircraft half wing span: 5.7 meters Connecting QNH Reader to UDP port 49004 ... QNH Reader connected Connecting Traffic Reader to UDP port 49003 ... Traffic Reader connected 15:05:16 QNH: 1029 {"ICAO": "CYOW","QNH": 3040, "METAR": "CYOW 261400Z 19003KT 15SM FEW062 BKN080 M11/M14 A3040 RMK SC2AC5 SLP307", "NAME": "Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport", "IATA": "YOW","DISTNM": 3} 15:10:05 Live: 5, Parked: 0 15:15:05 Live: 4, Parked: 0 15:20:05 Live: 2, Parked: 0 15:25:05 Live: 3, Parked: 0 "FLAi_TFS_Dash8-200_JZA-Jazz" could not be created, registration of live ac: C-GONW 15:30:05 Live: 4, Parked: 0 15:35:05 Live: 5, Parked: 0 15:40:05 Live: 7, Parked: 0
  2. ejy1

    FSDT airport files

    Hi Nico, Your suggestions seemed to have done the trick. Planes are parked where they should be. Thanks John
  3. ejy1

    FSDT airport files

    Thanks Nico, I will give your suggestion a try. The reason why I asked in the first place is because the AI aircraft at KMEM aren't properly positioned at gates and cargo ramps whereas at CYVR they are. John
  4. Hi Nico, I 'm having a bit of a problem. I have two FSDT airport addon products installed, CYVR and KMEM and I have run the ParkPOSGenerator application and it found the two files in the FSDT directory, so presumably they will show in the main PSXSeeconTraffic application. So when I start at YVR in FSX and open the main PSXseecontraffic application the Vancouver one is fine because I can see in the black status line " CYVR Vancouver Intl YVR FS Dreamteam" yet when I start FSX at KMEM airport and look in the PSXseecontraffic application's black status line I get "KMEM Memphis Intl MEM" ..no further description saying that the application knows it is a Dreamteam product as opposed to the default FSX airport. Could someone please explain why this might be happening? Cheers, John
  5. Well its been an hour and still no live aircraft at YVR, lots of buffered ones though.
  6. HI Nico, I am trying to understand how the algorithm works. I will have the two green bars and everything looks fine but there are a number of aircraft in the buffer and none "live" at the beginning of my scenario. Eventually a number of live aircraft will be indicated in the black status line but it takes a very long time. Would that be a normal case? Real Traffic is working and presumably connected and talking to the PSXSeconnect Traffic application. Thanks again, I will reread those sections of the Manual for further clarification. John
  7. Good Morning, I have a question, how long should it take for live traffic to be injected into the application? I see a lot of buffering before there is a connection to Real Traffic. John
  8. I have a little problem with assigned paint skins for AIaircraft. I'm using the FLAI aircraft database, so Im sitting in my plane at YOW and there is supposed to be aAir Canada Q400coming into land and what appears is a Q400 in Eurowings colours. I checked the FLAI aircraft folder and there are paint skins for that aircraft in Air Canada colours then why would the software application assign Eurowings colours to that aircraft? John
  9. I am trying to add two Thai addon airports to the ParkPos Generator but the airport names are too long to be entered into the path fields in this application. Is there a workaround? Cheers, John
  10. Hi ..im just getting introduced to this application and I was wondering why I see aircraft from airlines that don't even serve my home airport (CYOW) at the gates . For example, Finnair and Singapore airlines both have parked planes at the gate. When I check RealTraffic ver 5.0.23 these aircraft are nowhere to be found. Can someone explain to me why this is happening? Thanks. John
  11. using the PSXSeeconTraffic makes my FSX SE crash.. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. BTW RealTraffic doesn't seem to have an impact on FSX SE it just seems to go wonky when I fire up PSXSeecontraffic that I encounter these problems. Cheers, John
  12. ejy1

    Ultimate traffic 2 question

    HI A.J. I am new to the power pack software. Quick question for you, I have Windows 10 installed on my rig so where does one find the UT2 database that you speak of? I tried following your earlier instructions but I am unable to locate it. Cheers, John