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  1. Hi, I tried using the unins00.exe but no luck. I will try removing through the Windows 10 uninstall routine. Thank you for helping me out. John
  2. But that's my point, the application crashes when I go through the install process. I know the new version seeks out the current version and deletes it automatically and installs the new one but not in this case. Any help would be appreciated. John
  3. I am trying install the latest version of the application (ver17.1) but it wont allow me to remove the existing (16.16) version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you.
  4. Hi Ernie, Thank you for the reply. The Saitek throttle I have purchased does have a USB connector but I need some help in a making sure P3Dv4 reads it as a throttle and not a yoke. I'm not too educated on how to use FSUPIC and I have only taken a glance at SPAD.neXT. If there is a video tutorial on how to set the darn thing up I would be a happy camper. Cheers, John
  5. Hi, I just received my Honeycomb yoke and it is nice. I also bought the Saitek throttle quadrant thinking I can use that in the meantime until the Bravo throttle becomes available. My problem is how can I get the throttle quadrant to work when I believe it was purposely designed to plug into the Saitek yoke. I didn't realize that the two Saitek products have to be connected to one another. Any help would be most appreciated. Cheers, John
  6. Dave, where did you obtain the P3DV4 drivers from? I have looked on the Logitech website and they only have 32 bit drivers. If you can help me out it would be most appreciated! Cheers, John
  7. I downloaded and installed this product, but my question is where to find the user manual? Cheers, John
  8. HI Niko, I am suddenly getting an Error 63 message stating that "VTBS [BKK], no or faulty airport file?.". I haven't changed anything and the application is telling me to "Use PPG14.0+ to generate new airport files first." Do you have an idea as to what I might have done wrong? Regards, John
  9. Thank you clearing that up for me Nico.
  10. Hi Nico, I am a little confused as to how airport gates are populated. I see at some airports there are quite a few parked aircraft at the gates and others of a similar gate capacity there are very few aircraft or none at all. Could you explain to me how the process of assigning aircraft to gates is done please? I have run the ParkPosGenerator for the default and my addon P3D airports.which I can see the updated results but when I visit some of those updated airports there are very few aircraft parked at the gates, for example.. RPLL ..which is a very busy airport, but I can only see 3 aircraft parked when there should be at least 30. If you can enlighten me it would be most appreciated! Cheers, John..
  11. Hi Nico, Got it working. I had to enter my IP address for the host IP in Real Traffic. Never had to do that before. Thanks again.
  12. Hi Nico, I am having some problems today, the Traffic Stream shows a green bar for about 30 seconds when connecting to Real Traffic then changes to yellow. I am not sure what is going on because I haven't changed anything in my settings since yesterday when it has been working like a charm up until today. Real Traffic is working fine so that is not the source of the problem. I have checked SimConnect and that is working fine as far as I can tell. If you can help me out it would be most appreciated. Cheers, John
  13. Forgive my ignorance but I never see the AI aircraft pushing back from the gate(s) and taxiing to the active runway(s).There is no problem with arriving aircraft for the most part, they will exit the runways and move towards the gates. I am using the latest PSXseecontraffic and the latest Real Traffic versions. If someone can point me to what I am doing wrong it would be most appreciated. Cheers, John
  14. HI I am a little confused. How does the application assign aircraft liveries? Why I ask is because I have noticed lately that I can have a couple of aircraft assigned the correct livery and then others around me from the same airline assigned a different airline's colours for the exact same aircraft. I understand if the aircraft has just their registration showing up in Real Traffic then PSXSeecontraffic will assign as close a match as possible but in this case all of the 4 aircraft had their correct callsign(WEN) showing in P3D. If someone can enlighten me as to how this happens it would be appreciated. John
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