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  1. Hi, I've just finished my overhead panel, I was originally going to use 3 Leo Bodnar 64BBI boards until i realised several functions were missing so I assigned the missing functions on Mobiflight after wiring the missing switches/buttons to an arduino Mega along with the displays and servo's for gauges... All works well. Kind Regards Phil
  2. Many thanks for your response. I also realised one of my other bodnar 32 boards wasn't plugged in properly which wasn't showing in LINDA, after quitting LINDA, plugging it in properly, and restarting, everything was assigned back to the board it should be (Luckily). I read through your response and atleast I know its possible, but sounds quite confusing, I would've attempted tomorrow during the lockdown period. Many thanks for your reply. All's working well now :) Phil
  3. Hi I've been having big problems with my setup since upgrading my pc. (Same SSD's) I think the problem was some usb devices weren't working correctly when plugged into USB 3 ports. Anyway I have just plugged in the bodnar boards again, but LINDA appears to have put the incorrect assignments on each board. board 1 BBI 64 (MCP) Board 2 BBI 64 (Lights + Some of Overhead) Board 3 BBI 64 (Rest of Overhead) MCP assignments are on Board 3 Lights on Board 2 Rest of overhead on Board 1. Is there an easy way of altering these, unplugging and moving the boards isn't an option. I'm not looking forward to reprogramming nearly 190 switch assignments. Kind Regards Phil
  4. Thanks for your reply, now i know it's setup correctly
  5. Hi, having finally purchased the PMDG 777, trying to setup my controls. I've come across a possible problem I'm using a home made throttle quadrant (spoilers, throttles and trim wheel) when i activate reverse thrust on engine 2 the spoilers lever on the 777 moves to full (all on the ground), i have checked in fsuipc and fsx controllers and cannot find a conflict. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks Phil
  6. Hi After finally purchasing PMDG 777 and trying to assign my home made switch box, I'm struggling to find anti-ice switches in the 777 module. Everything else i require appears to be there? Am I just being blind? Thanks Phil
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