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    I'm a new sceery developer, still in learning and doing scenery in same time, I'm open for anyone who want to help :)

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  1. The777Flyer

    TwinOtter Fans Discord

    Hello, I hope Im allowed to make this little announcement... The TwOtter is an aircraft I love, very capable aircraft, versatile etc, and looking on Internet, I saw that many people liked this aircraft too. I come with the idea to create a Discord Server for TwOtter Lovers (FS and Real life) to make a community around this iconic plane. I am not the best at making Servers, but everything can be edited 🙂 Regards, A TwinOtter Fan 🙂
  2. The777Flyer

    ORBX Altering FSX

    UPDATE: I found the FSS Installer, I installed with it and guess what? It work, no altered terrain either In Norway or Default areas. But its the V1.00, and nothing don with FTX Central. Any Idea?
  3. The777Flyer

    ORBX Altering FSX

    @pete_auau yes, I did in the beginning of the year, but not worked @ms2 I don't have FTX Global (too expensive) and as FTX Norway used to work perfectly the whole year (I got is a XMas 2015, worked perfectly the whole 2016, now, I have FSX Steam.....and problems started there) so I know that I don't need FTX Global to make it work :) Regards, Marc L
  4. The777Flyer

    ORBX Altering FSX

    Hello people :) I'm asking for helop about FTX Regions installation. Im having sever problems, requesting me to reinstall my sim (and Im annoyedd of reinstalling all addons etc...for 1 regions...) I have the FTX Norway (because I love Norway, I whish to visit it some day). It used to work perfectly (einther in Norway or another country). now, for almost 1 year, I have FSX-Steam and problems started there... When I install it, it alter the rest of the world... (I get squarre textures, but it does not mean that FTX Norway work too... Actually, I spent the year flying without it (yes, it broken my heart) and I really miss Norway so I want to know if people can help me; to make it work (I mean, a successful attemp, I don't want to reinstall again x') ). To give you an Idea, FTX Iceland Demo destroy my sim too. Airports does not alter the Sim (apparently) Default Area (I guess its when FTW Nor is working, but not sure): FTX Norway: These pics were takes in the beginning of the year, when I was trying to make it work... I Really whish you could help me :) Regards, Marc L
  5. Hello, I plan a STOL competitio, for FSX and P3D (it should be this week or weekend). Communication will be through Discord as same as the scenery transfers: Please, when you enter the Discord, send the name/pseudo and your aircraft so I can add you to the list. Thank you, I hope to see many people :) Regards, Marc
  6. The777Flyer

    What is that airport???

    I FOUND IT :D Website Link Frazier Lake (1C9) Frazier sound like "Frozen" to me thats whay I was looking for a "cold name" Thank you verry much :)
  7. The777Flyer

    What is that airport???

    hi, As I said, Im not sure about that, but I think the name refer to a cold environment, but I can be wrong
  8. The777Flyer

    What is that airport???

    Hello, just looked at ORBX it but nothing :( I think I think the name is something like "... creek" or bay or glacier.... The best I remember is the artfician water runway besite the asphalt one, taxiway reaching to the Water, parallel and same lenght Thank you verry much for helping me though :) greatly appreciated EDIT: Nice catch with Creekside 5CL8 (I noot looked I it went I saw the name, but really interresting :), thanks for that one)
  9. The777Flyer

    What is that airport???

    Itt was small; general aviation only, If im correct is not in Alaska, it is isolated, (desert environment) closelt city is not visible while on ground
  10. The777Flyer

    What is that airport???

    Hi, Thanks for reply, I though it was when I searched :P; bot no.... Actually, the description I given is a Default Airport, maint asphalt runway ans a water runway, same lenght and parallel.
  11. The777Flyer

    What is that airport???

    Hello, from a few month now, Im looking for an Airport I don't remember the name, here is the destription (its in Default FSX) -1 Asphalt Runway + Parallel water rectangle beside it (Probably a Water runway) same length -USA, Inland, I remember hills or mountains -All parkings and building were on the opposite side of the Asphalt runway -the taxiway reachs the water runway -in the name, If I remember well, theres shound be one of these words (I can be wrong; Its been 3-4 years I did now flew there) Creek, Bay, Glacier, Ice, Lake (something meaning cold environment) I hope someone know it :) Regards; Marc
  12. The777Flyer

    Airline Manager Addon?

    Hi kaosfere, Thanks for reply, but Im looking for something free. For now I only know FSEconomy and SimBuddy, but I don't know them that much :) Regards, Marc
  13. The777Flyer

    Airline Manager Addon?

    Hello, Im looking for an addon thats could simulate an Airline management (as FSPassenger) but for free. I found FSEconomy, but does it allow to buy, rent and sell aircraft (from other players)? and hiring pilots? (optionally passenger feedback?) Also SimBuddy, it has a Virtual airline creation option but it also have a premium part, do VA creation need a premium subscription? Thanks in advance :) Marc
  14. Hello FSFX, I whish to know if you got any plans on enhancing the "Flying Jeep" (All Configs: Wheel, Ski, Floats, Tundra...) And tons more I really whish that you consider this one :) (I would do it myself but only you got the recipe hehe) Regards, Marc
  15. The777Flyer

    Dark nights

    Hello, I wanted to know how to get realisticly dark nights in FSX, I played X-Plane 11 Demo and the night was a new challenge and level of realism to the simulation. I also travelled by night (passenger) all I can say is that we only see the wingtips lights, not even the wings. in FSX, wingview is visible, ocean is way too visible (no way to get "Spatial disorientation" like I had in XP11) seeing grounds lights etc Thanks in advance :)