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  1. Following the update post above here are some shots from the new update... 1. The three routes included in the update: CAM5 (yellow) - Salt Lake City to Pasco CAM32 (blue) - Portland to Spokane CAM8 (green) - Portland to Seattle. 2. Idahome Intermediate Landing Field, CAM5 3. Varney Air Lines Stearman at KCZK Cascade Locks Intermediate Landing Field, CAM32 4. Contents page of the Arrows Across America manual
  2. Arrows Across America v2 update is now available The update for our 1926 US Air Mail routes add-on is now out and includes: our original Contract Air Mail 5 (CAM5) route from Salt Lake City, UT to Pasco, WA but with new and improved models and lighting (59 beacons) the CAM32 route from Portland, OR to Spokane, WA using the new models and lighting (33 beacons) the additional lighting for CAM32’s 25 mile stretch through the Columbia River Gorge, east of Portland, with beacons positioned to allow air mail pilots to fly under the low cloud and fog that frequently blankets the gorge the northernmost section of CAM8 from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA , using the new models (17 beacons) eleven Intermediate Landing Fields (ILFs) along the airways; located, laid out and lit according to their descriptions in the official Airway Bulletins, making it possible to fly shorter sections of the CAMs (or land in an emergency) Hangars with internal parking spaces and animated, controllable doors on four of the ILFs terraforming and tree felling to ensure that arrows and beacons are visible in the modern landscape .pln files for use within MSFS and with Little Nav Map and other flight planning software a CSV file for building your own flight plans KMZ reference files for each of the routes a 32 page illustrated manual with information about the CAM system and the air mail pilots, the different elements of the addon, suggestions of what to fly, links to the original sectional and strip maps and the 1931 weather overviews for the states we cover All three routes are provided as a single file so you can fly uninterrupted along the three airways airways between Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle and Spokane. You can download the update from our flightsim.to page - https://flightsim.to/file/32132/1926-airway-route-cam5 We also have Arrows Across America liveries for the DC Designs Stearman available at https://flightsim.to/file/45156/stea...arney-air-mail We look forward to hearing what you think.
  3. After a summer break we are working on a major update to the Arrows Across America airmail project. The next release will include: - improved models and lighting - three Intermediate Landing Fields (ILFs) on the CAM5 route from Salt Lake City to Pasco - the complete CAM32 route from Portland to Spokane, via Pasco, including three more iLFs CAM32 runs through the Colombia River Gorge, east of Portland. The lighting on that twenty-five mille stretch of the route was designed to enable the airmail pilots to fly under the fog that frequently blankets the top of the gorge, at an altitude of less than 250' AGL We hope that ongoing improvements to weather and turbulence will create additional challenges for you in flying that part of CAM32! In the meantime, some work in progress images CAM5 Locomotive Springs ILF, Utah CAM5 Mary's Cafe, next to Strevell ILF, Idaho CAM5 Windsock demo CAM32 Colombia River Gorge beacon CAM32 Beacon Rock, Colombia River Gorge CAM32 route map We currently expect our third release to include CAM18 from Portland to Seattle, completing Varney Airlines' airmail routes. This will enable you to fly for over thousand miles from Salt Lake City through the Pacific North West, navigating solely by arrow and beacon.
  4. @robcap has been hard at work battling the lighting system for our Strevell Intermediate Landing Field and we think it is paying off - still very much work in progress but Varney Air Lines airmail pilots will soon have a new place to land. Approaching Strevell from the south east The field laid out White boundary lights, Green approach lights and Red obstruction warning lights One of the white boundary lights Night departure
  5. Strevell ILF update: We now have a test version of our first CAM5 Intermediate Landing Field installed in the sim. @robcaphas modelled the lamps (they are only 30" high) and placed them on the field as per the layout above. Improvements to the lighting effects are next…
  6. Great shots and glad you are enjoying it. The Aux beacons were used on the section where the route surveyors thought it was easier to follow the route. Given they were only half the height of the main beacon masts, we are not so sure. It is very disconcerting to lose the beacon when you know it is out there somewhere. Flying the route at night - or rather, trying to - is even worse!
  7. Hi all, thanks for your support with this project As we close in on 200 downloads, work on our first Intermediate Landing Field is underway. I have been working on Strevell ILF using three sources: the visible remains of the north-south runway the description from the 1929 Airway Bulletin which has the orientation and measurements for the two runways the description of the lighting system for ILFs from the same bulletin There is some fine tuning of the positions to do but the overall layout looks like this: Strevell corrected1574×905 344 KB Green lights were used to mark the runway centrelines, two at each end of the principal runway (assumed to be N-S given that it was the longer of the two and still visible) and one for the secondary runway. White boundary lights then marked the remainder of the perimeter. The triangular section was designed to assist with cross wind landings. Red warning lights were used to mark hazards and I have assumed a line along the highway to the west of the field. The intersection of the runways was marked with a chrome yellow circle with projecting bars indicating the two runway headings. At Strevell, the airway arrow and beacon was in the SW corner of the field. Although fuel was stored there, as this was an emergency field there were no hangers. Now it is over to robcap to work his magic on modelling the lights and runway marker and dropping them into the sim.
  8. Thanks Waldo, much appreciated - maddest thing about it is that Rob and I have never spoken! It's all been done over email and Google Sheets... Richard (Pips)
  9. Thanks for posting this - just across it looking for an update on Henrik's ships and used it to get it up and running whilst we wait for the official FS2020 release.
  10. Have the existing package and as so many others have said, it adds so much for so little! Been watching this thread for months waiting for the next version; thanks so much KL791 for making it happen...
  11. Having used this package successfully in FSX, I loaded it into p3d v4.1 but have been driven to distraction by everything loading, moving and working apart from the wake and smoke effects. I have v1 & v2 outside p3d and have tried installing separately and as a combined package as per suggestions in this thread. I have now installed the v4.2 client and rebuilt the shader files but to no avail. The only other thing i can think of is a conflict with Rex 4 enhanced water textures but this does not appear as an issue anywhere else. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be and a fix to try? Many thanks
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