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  1. Strevell ILF update: We now have a test version of our first CAM5 Intermediate Landing Field installed in the sim. @robcaphas modelled the lamps (they are only 30" high) and placed them on the field as per the layout above. Improvements to the lighting effects are next…
  2. Great shots and glad you are enjoying it. The Aux beacons were used on the section where the route surveyors thought it was easier to follow the route. Given they were only half the height of the main beacon masts, we are not so sure. It is very disconcerting to lose the beacon when you know it is out there somewhere. Flying the route at night - or rather, trying to - is even worse!
  3. Hi all, thanks for your support with this project As we close in on 200 downloads, work on our first Intermediate Landing Field is underway. I have been working on Strevell ILF using three sources: the visible remains of the north-south runway the description from the 1929 Airway Bulletin which has the orientation and measurements for the two runways the description of the lighting system for ILFs from the same bulletin There is some fine tuning of the positions to do but the overall layout looks like this: Strevell corrected1574×905 344 KB Green lights were used to mark the runway centrelines, two at each end of the principal runway (assumed to be N-S given that it was the longer of the two and still visible) and one for the secondary runway. White boundary lights then marked the remainder of the perimeter. The triangular section was designed to assist with cross wind landings. Red warning lights were used to mark hazards and I have assumed a line along the highway to the west of the field. The intersection of the runways was marked with a chrome yellow circle with projecting bars indicating the two runway headings. At Strevell, the airway arrow and beacon was in the SW corner of the field. Although fuel was stored there, as this was an emergency field there were no hangers. Now it is over to robcap to work his magic on modelling the lights and runway marker and dropping them into the sim.
  4. Thanks Waldo, much appreciated - maddest thing about it is that Rob and I have never spoken! It's all been done over email and Google Sheets... Richard (Pips)
  5. Thanks for posting this - just across it looking for an update on Henrik's ships and used it to get it up and running whilst we wait for the official FS2020 release.
  6. Have the existing package and as so many others have said, it adds so much for so little! Been watching this thread for months waiting for the next version; thanks so much KL791 for making it happen...
  7. Having used this package successfully in FSX, I loaded it into p3d v4.1 but have been driven to distraction by everything loading, moving and working apart from the wake and smoke effects. I have v1 & v2 outside p3d and have tried installing separately and as a combined package as per suggestions in this thread. I have now installed the v4.2 client and rebuilt the shader files but to no avail. The only other thing i can think of is a conflict with Rex 4 enhanced water textures but this does not appear as an issue anywhere else. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be and a fix to try? Many thanks
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