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  1. Sorry, just saw this reply. Its a script in the Prepar3d V5 folder that clears files such as the Prepar3D cfg, shader cache and a few other CFGs I believe. I don't know if its required but I've always seen it suggested on the Orbx forum and a few other places, so I do it almost every upgrade.
  2. Update on my situation, apparently while re-installing the client, content and scenery the installer decided to install to my C drive instead of the F drive where everything was installed previously. Everything's so messed up now I'm basically starting fresh.
  3. So I updated all 3 components manually, and my PMDG aircraft and QW787 aircraft are not showing up in sim. They are still located in the SimObjects folder. Ran Delete Generated content after the install. Don't know why most of my other addons work but these planes are not?
  4. The one time I dont check forums for an error like this.... Re-installed Windows and spent the evening re-installing everything. New OS had the issue, rolled back drivers and it's fixed. At least I have a clean OS now?
  5. If you didn't buy the "Aerosoft A320/A321 professional", you bought the plane that doesn't support P3Dv4. Only the "Professional" version supports v4 & v5.
  6. If you haven't already, try running EnvUpdater just to make sure.
  7. Asking the most basic question, but is your EnvShade up to date for 5.1?
  8. Not to be a downer, but fabs and card production take a while to spin up and an announcement like this will take months to have a noticeable impact for consumers.
  9. I have seen the same with the PBR textures on GSX's jetways. Hopefully someone knows what's up.
  10. I've read a few articles about how Nvidia has required AIBs to keep cards "near" MSRP for the intial launch. The speculation is prices will slowly rise over time. I think a 3080 20Gb will easily be over $1,000.
  11. I've had multiple CTD's with the QW 787 when calling GSX. Seems like GSX is the common theme for all of us.
  12. Great job. Flying my first flight in P3Dv5 right now and it's working great so far.
  13. Outside of knowing which real world gates have jetbridges, when needed I spawn to the default runway and you can use the GSX menu to select a gate you will fit at, and then warp to it.
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