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  1. I wish they'd allow us to preorder the sim now, and preordering would gain you access to the testing phase of development.
  2. That's the hardest part of not being chosen for the alpha test. It puts us outside the loop while the testers can freely discuss the new sim daily. A ton of people are learning new things about MFS every day while us unlucky ones are still completely in the dark. It's going to be a long difficult wait until the end of the year.
  3. You aren't alone, there are some of us who also applied day one and have not been invited yet.
  4. Nice! Enjoy testing FS2020, I'm so jealous! 😉
  5. I see both sides of the argument. I know we don't have realistic crash physics because the plane manufacturers won't allow it, and I understand why too. I also agree with many in the community when they say it isn't a good idea because of the negative publicity it would create by allowing virtual planes to be destroyed in crazy ways. However, all of that said, I will freely admit that realistic crash physics is a feature I've longed for in MS Flight Sim for many versions now. I'd personally love to see it because I'd love to have some actual physical feedback when I do something wrong in the sim. Like when I come in too low over treetops to a short bush strip and clip a wing. Or when I land too hard and crush a landing strut. Or when I accidentally over-speed and rip the wings off. I'd like to see some visual decisive feedback when I mess up. But, like I said, I know why we don't have it and never will too. Though, when I fly a Cessna in Grand Theft Auto and I convincingly crash the plane into a parked car to see a spectacular crash spectacle unfold, I admit it sure is satisfying.
  6. Yep. I know someone who got an invite this Monday and two others who got invites yesterday, so the emails are going out now. For the lucky ones at least.
  7. I've got to admit, the new MFS has a lot of people talking about flight sims who normally do not talk about flight sims. I keep seeing MFS vids pop up on my youtube home page by people I wouldn't expect to be talking about it. I think the graphical fidelity has surprised and caught the attention of a lot of non flight sim people.
  8. I'd like to say I'm hopeful, but I'm beginning to get numb towards expecting to get in. I think I'll stop checking my email so often and just let it surprise me if it happens. Good luck to all, hope more of us sim fans here get in this week.
  9. Not me. I'll be flying all the P3D aircraft I own until MFS comes out, but I won't be spending any more money on sims I know I'll be moving on from very soon. To me that's just bad investing, I wouldn't put money into a stock I didn't want either.
  10. My hunch is Asobo will continue to create very high level of detail addon aircraft after release and then sell them as DLC in the storefront. It's likely one way which Microsoft will monetize MFS for the years to come.
  11. I thought of that too. I was wondering why they'd bother with such ambient detail like they are, and yes it makes perfect sense if exiting the planes and walkabouts are implemented. Bush Flying Unlimited, the simulator!
  12. Nice, I started on the C64 too. My very first simulator was Gunship by Microprose. In fact it was the very first game I bought for the C64 and the reason I got it in the first place. I had so many flight sims for the C64. Man how times have changed since then, here we are debating about realistic headphone ambient sounds in a sim and back then I was completely happy with those triangle polygon mountains for terrain, LOL!
  13. Speaking for myself, I'm very excited for the new MFS and I just want to do my part to help make it as good as possible, and because I'm not in the alpha I feel like I'm missing my chance to do that. I just want to be a part of the development because I'm passionate about it, and I'm not. 😢
  14. They were just showing the foundation of the sound engine and how it works to show us the possibilities of it, the video doesn't mean it's showing us all they can or will do with that engine. What you are asking for could easily to accomplished given the sound engine they demonstrated, and if MS doesn't put that in then it will be a cakewalk for someone else to mod that in given the engine's detail. Given what you want and what we saw yesterday, shouldn't you be more excited than ever for getting what you want?
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