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  1. I just learned about this NeoFly app, looks very interesting. I've been flying with FSE for over a decade now, in various sims, but I think I'll try NeoFly to compare them and see which I like better. Has anyone here used both NeoFly and FSE, and if so which did you like flying with more?
  2. I really like the interface of Skypark but it's just so anemic compared to the free FSE (Flight Sim Economy). Maybe after some time if they add a ton of depth and features to Skypark I'd consider it, but FSE just does the job so much better IMHO so I'll be sticking with it.
  3. This has to be a bug with the new patch, right? I mean why would they lessen the LOD multiplier when we have a slider in game? Just allow the user to ramp it up if we want to. I do agree, after this new patch the game looks much worse due to this tree issue, I'm not liking it and I hope they revert whatever it is they did.
  4. I'm not understanding something so can someone please answer one simple question for me: What does this REX weather add of value to MSFS? I'm not trying to be snarky, it's an honest question. I mean, default MSFS weather models weather cells around the area which can be seen and avoided and flown through, and to be honest I'm very happy with how the weather is depicted in stock MSFS. From what I've read in this thread the REX addon instead models the weather at the point of the plane but then extends that same weather across the world? Is this correct? And if it is, then who would want that? What am I missing here, because I think I'm just not understanding something.....🤔
  5. So if the 3080 is that close to 2080Ti performance at 1440p, I wonder if the 3070 will perform almost identical at 1440p?
  6. Shame about the Kitfox. Carenado's C182 too, although I hope they improve it yet. I'm all ready to start buying planes for MSFS as soon as some quality ones come out!
  7. It looks nice but I've been flying with FSE for 13 years now and I absolutely love it. Best of all it's free to use, so the value FSE provides is FAR better IMHO.
  8. Yeah, I also can't figure out how to actually download or install this either? Looks great, but could someone please post some instructions on how to get this mod into the sim?
  9. It was a very good reveal by Nvidia. Honestly, MSFS is running pretty great for me right now at 1090p / 30fps on my good old GTX970. Seeing how I only have a 650W PSU I'm thinking the 3070 is the card I want. I'm fearly the 3080 will be too much for my 650W PSU & Ryzen 3700X. I think I'll save the money for now and just get the 3070 while keeping my current PSU. It will be more than enough to run MSFS at 1440p / 60fps, and I think that would be fine for me.
  10. In your opinion maybe, but I'm enjoying flying all of the default MFS aircraft and I think Asobo did a great job with most of them. Flying them in cockpit has been a wonderful experience for me. There seems to be an odd thing going on with some Avsim members about what is "acceptable" for default aircraft in sims today. Were people expecting PMDG levels of detail and refinement for every single default plane or something? For the record, I own all of the A2A GA planes for P3D, and I STILL think Asobo did a great job with the planes in MFS.
  11. You can think it's "nonsense" all you want, but I'm quite happy with the new MSFS. I'm also happy with leaving FSX, P3D, and all of my addons for both behind too. Do you represent Aerosoft? Because if so then you might want to rethink how you are doing so in the public space....
  12. Yeah I checked out Devil's Tower too and was very disappointed. I'm a bit surprised they didn't hand craft such an iconic place like that.
  13. There doesn't appear to be a way to fix this yet. Lots of people with the male pilot model are getting a female's voice, and nothing seems to be able to correct it.
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