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  1. I've gone with this: https://www.pagnianimports.com.au/motion-simulators/next-level-racing-motion-platformv3.html Just brilliant - great product - great company!
  2. Eivind Eikli

    GTN 750 VR Window test

    That looks great - EXACTLY what I've been imagining could be achieved!! Well done - please let me know if I can be of help in testing this out. Best - Eivind
  3. Eivind Eikli

    GTN 750 in VR

    Hi Jean-Claude, I have also just bought the Reality XP GTN750 for the sole purpose of using it in VR. I'm having the same issues as ryuijin and would be delighted to help out to see if this can be cracked. In fact a fully functional GTN750 in VR is a "holy grail" of sorts in terms of functionality and usefulness for a multitude of uses - IFR and VFR! Best regards - Eivind
  4. Eivind Eikli

    Paint request Lionheart Tripacer

    Thanks very much Mark and Bill - I will try my luck over at fsdeveloper.com as well. I've had an on-again off-again relationship with computer flight-simming for a long time, and tend to get back into it, when things are quiet for one reason or another in the real airplane. As an airline pilot, the "sim's" we do are coated with the pre-sim hell of studying, and the actual sims will always contain an element of jeopardy, in that your career is literally on the line if you stuff it up, so simm-ing doesnt necessarily get more fun, the more "real" it gets;-) I've been off the line for a while now with a motorbike injury, so have had great fun getting back into X-plane and FSX again, and was only too happy to oblige my wife in trying to get some authenticity for her book. Hope it works out. Cheers - Eivind Nota bene: Eivind, I've hidden the post with your full album of pictures, as well as the follow up posts.
  5. Hi all, My name is Eivind and I'm an airline pilot in Australia. My wife Beverley (www.beverleyeikli.com) is an author and is about to release a new novel set in the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa. The book is set in the early 1960's and features a young bush pilot (whatever gave her that idea.....;-)) flying a Tripacer to the diamond fields in Lesotho. I have duly purchased the Lionheart Tripacer with the intention of capturing some screenshots that can be used on the cover of the book, but in the interest of authenticity, I thought it'd be perfect to get a paintscheme and registration that is authentic. I have a great picture taken in 1963 of my mother-in-law posing in front of a flash, almost new lime green and white Tripacer with rego ZS-CMN. I was wondering if there was anyone out there talented with paint kit skills that would be interested in taking on the challenge of transferring the paintscheme on the faded old photo (digital copy to be emailed to you ) onto a FSX installable version of the Tripacer. You will be credited in the acknowledgements in the novel and I hope that it will go into the public domain as a downloadable paintscheme for anyone else to access as well, with a interesting backstory! Hope to hear from someone that could have fun with this. Best - Eivind