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  1. If you need a beta tester, don't hesitate to contact me.
  2. Hi, This time I used the laminar Cessna 172 and opened the GTN in a 2D window, both embedded and floating. In both cases, it doesn't show up in VR. In both cases, the window is visible in the x-plane window on the monitor mirorring the VR headset view (see screenshots), but not in the VR headset itself. Note : I'm in x-plane 11.20b1 version now as there was an update yesterday.
  3. Hi Jean Luc, In fact I'm not using the GTN 750 as a window, I'm using it in the 3D cockpit of a plane where it was integrated (namely the JustFlight Piper Arrow III). In the first beta VR compatible versions of x-plane, you could not use the mouse and had to interact with the 3D cockpit with a VR controller. One of the first things I checked was that it was possible to interact this way with the touch interface of the RXP GTN 750 (I'm such a fan of the product) and it was. Then other beta versions came, adding at some point the possibility to interact with the 3d cockpit with a mouse (you now have a huge pointer moving in the 3D VR space with the mouse) and I'm not able to interact with it with the touch buttons of the GTN 750, only with the "hardware" buttons (home, knob...). I can't do it with the controller neither. I'm not sure now when the function disappeared : was it befween the 11.20 VR5 and 11.20 VR6 or was it before ? The funny thing is that if I remove the VR headset, I see on the monitor the "mirror" image of what I see in the headset (just in 2D) and if I move the headset so I can see the GTN 750 on the monitor and then move the mouse cursor on the 2D image on the monitor to click on one of the touch buttons, it works. As I said in the first message, the GNS 530 has not such problems (I'm using it integrated in a 3D cockpit too, in the vFlyteAir Piper twin comanche) because there is no touch screen. You interact only with it with hardware buttons and this works.
  4. Ok, I was ready to swear it worked on a previous beta version, but I probably mixed up things. Regards Franck
  5. Hi, I'm using the GTN 750 (version with X-Plane 11.20 VR6 and I have a problem : I cannot click on the buttons of the touch screen in VR (with Oculus Rift) with the mouse cursor (or with the Oculus Touch controllers). If I remove the VR headset and move it to see the GTN in the field of view (on the 2D monitor) and the use the 2D mouse cursor to click on one of the buttons, it works. Also, if I use the same instance of X-Plane without the VR gear, it works too. I also own the GNS 530 and have no problem with this one in VR : as it is controlled through buttons, and not touch screen, it works. I was able to use the GTN 750 before in VR, but I can't remember the changes I made between then and now. Any ideas ? Franck
  6. >Thank you Franck,>I have done that, however, the strobes and position lights are located >1 or 2 meters off the wing tips. Have you figured out to eliminate that?>Bob...Hello,Lights coordinates are in the [LIGHTS] section of the Aircraft.cfg file. Wingtips smoke trails are also in this section in case they fail too.There are also few problems with two instruments with instruments lighting.Franck
  7. Hello bob,You will get what you miss (panel light, strobe, ...) if you copy fx_sf260*.fx and fx_RASSF260*.fx files from Effects directory from FS9 to FSX.EnjoyFranck
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