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  1. What is X-Plan ? If you are referring to X-Plane, P3D and X-Plane are two simulators completely different But it's another story (or war, if you prefer !) Pierre
  2. Have you followed the Wilco manual ? Correctly entered parameters on each page ?Don't forget that FMGC programmation and IRS alignment must be done with engines stopped, fuel and payload onboard.Airbus management is not a simple AP like Cessna AP which follow any GPS flight plan. You must follow the complete procedure from Cold and Dark state to stop engines at the destination gate.Happy FlyingsPierre LFBE
  3. Hi Aaron,1)- Load your flight plan in FSX as usual (menu/files/flightplanner - load)2)- In Airbus FMC - datas screen - bottom right : load flight plan (from memory, I have not my machine in sight)Hope this helps
  4. Hi !/quoteyes there is still few problems with the DX10 preview and we just can hope that upcoming video drivers will fix most of them.quote/Anyway, it's absolutely utopic to hope any enhancement about the hideous flickering on airports by a new driver from nVidia.Why ?1) The problem occurs on almost all airports but not all (Seatac is an example where there is no flickering, but Seattle is MS's home :-))2) The problem occurs with 8800 GTX but also with ATI 2900, so both constructors have the same error in their interpretation of DX10 code ? It seems highly irrealistic !IMHO, it's a perfect example of bad coding, but as David Roch says, it's a "preview" of what we can expect for a future FS11.For the time being, just stay with DX9.0c.Papy_PegaseAsus P5BDeluxe- Core2Duo 67008800GTX - 2 GB DDR2 PC6400FSX + ActiveSkyX + XGraphics + Radar Contact.
  5. Hi Damian,Great news about this issue. I knew you were aware about it. And I wish you all the best to compel FSX to execute orders of Active Sky X ;-) Thanks a lot for your answer.Pierre N
  6. Re hello !In fact, these VAS around are present in Active Sky X : "Radius dynamic station for Hurricane Dean" and there are a lot :-) But all these stations give the same METAR (excepted name of station !)4133 190843Z VRB99KT 185V355 1SM OVC010 OVC120 OVC220 +RA 20/20 Q0921 RMK DEAN LOC 016.600Is it possible to program wind parameters (VRB99KT and 185V355) in function of azimut and distance from the eye (or 5S03) ?And to add extension for Simconnect (@xxx) for turbulence and windshear ?I'm very confident you are capable to add this to ASX :D Pierre N
  7. Just a possibility ?Nowaday, depiction of hurricane is given (I suppose from the map in ASX) by 5S03 (VAS). May be it's possible to have a net of 5 VAS to depict such hurricane (or 4):One for eye of hurricane (no wind, pressure minimum and a radius of 10 to 20 nm) and some VAS around with winds rotating around the eye.IE VAS at north : wind 90/150 distance 40 nm from eyeVAS at east : wind 180/150VAS at south : Wind 270/150VAS at west : wind 360/150I know that FSX fails in depiction of winds (hoping that an hypothetic FSX-SP DirectX10 gives us a better modelization)By the way, for FS9, Wetter 2004 from Prischatz gave wind modelization around depression, have you any contact with him ?Friendly flying.Papy_PegaseAsus P5BDeluxe- Core2Duo 67008800GTX - 2 GB DDR2 PC6400FSX + FSUIPC4 Asus P5WD2 - P4 830DnVidia 7950 GT - 2 GB DDR2 PC5300ActiveSkyX + XGraphics + Radar Contact + WideFS.
  8. Hello !We are in hurricane season and we have Dean (tropical storm level 4) on Hispaniola now. Weather reports winds around 200/240 km/h (it's 130 kts). In ActiveSky X, we have still winds limited to 99 kts beetween 0 and 15000 feet. (I have surface wind velocity in settings limited at 200 kts). We have also no turbulence (strange in a tropical storm) and a wind direction constant in each part of hurricane.So, is hurricane depiction only graphic or is FSX unable to render such weather phenomena ? I can't believe that Active Sky can't modelize winds in hurricane or at least give some realistic wind speed (more than 99 kts with turbulence and windshear).Maybe a track for SP2 ?Pierre N
  9. Hello !I'm just now in Dean with B737 at FL100.The graphic depiction of hurricane is very good.I took off from Lamentin and fly direct 125 to Dean eye.Eye of hurricane was depicted perfectly with blue sky, the circle of clouds around the plane and a good visibility over the sea.But I have just a remark :-( Beetween entering hurricane at west and eye of hurricane, the wind at FL30, FL60, FL100, FL180 stayed constant at 185/80 without any turbulence (settings turbulence min 25%, max 100%) and heavy rain.In the eye (where the wind must be near inexistent) wind 155/75Beetween the eye and east part of hurricane, wind still 185/85 (IMHO the wind direction must rotate around the eye) and still no turbulence.Is it normal or is hurricane depiction only graphic candy ?Anyway, ASX is a wonderful enhancement to FSX and a great progress from AS6.5.Pierre Neel LFBE
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