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  1. Hi Dave - Just wondering if you received the Bravo Throttle as expected re post of 1 June 20?. I ordered one through Aerosoft last November to replace my then slowly dying Saitek 52Pro which is now almost rigor mortis and considering the new thrustmaster offering in the absence of any fresh news from Honeycombe. Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Jean - mate thanks for your help to date, the checklist is a minor issue as Im thinking about pulling the trigger on a AivlaSoft EFB so I'm happy to call it quits. The important one for me was the import of flight plans which I now have with your much appreciated assistance. Cheers Pete
  3. I have checked all the folder permissions, having regard to your comments above and they are all read/write. The full path to the checklist is "D:/XPlane 11/Aircraft/DHC-300 Twin Otter V2" Cheers Pete
  4. Thats correct copied into both aircraft folders - no checklist button. Tried both formats .gtn and .ace files
  5. Double checked the checklist files still no button in the utilities menu for the RW DesignTwin Otter and Carenado Cheyenne IIIT. Posted image below for clarification. Below - AirfoilLabs KA350 Below - RW Design Twin Otter and Carenado Cheyenne IIIT Cheers Pete
  6. Just tried the Airfoil Labs King Air 350 and this has the Checklist button - so looks like it is something Aircraft specific ?? Cheers Pete
  7. HI i have uninstalled RealityXP from my drives both FSX and XPlane and completely deleted any associated files including registry listings for FSX and reinstalled the GTN for XPlane - after running the F1 gauntlet. The program is now working as before in both the RW Design Twin Otter and the Caranado Cheyenne IIIT. I now have a flight plan import menu and am able to import plans ok. 👍 However 1 ) There is no sign of a checklist Button and menu within the utilities menu as shown on page 8 of the users manual. 2 ) despite having reinstalled and run the update I note that the rxpGTN.xpl.log file is still showing an earlier version as before rxpGTN.xpl.log 20/05/31 03:47:42.068 07856 - ] # win.xpl version 20/05/31 03:47:42.068 07856 INFO ] rxpGtnSim64.dll 20/05/31 03:47:43.976 07856 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/05/31 03:47:43.976 07856 INFO ] 20/05/31 03:47:56.111 07856 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6623 Any thoughts ?? Cheers Pete
  8. Thanks for your advice will do as suggested and let you know how it goes Cheers Pete
  9. Thanks for the reply, There isn't much in either log each copied below. rxpGtnSim.dll log 20/05/25 08:05:23.026 10308 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/05/25 08:05:23.026 10308 INFO ] 20/05/25 08:05:44.417 10308 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6623 20/05/25 08:21:56.771 10308 INFO ] FPLN not found in: D:\Garmin\Databases\ rxpGTN.xpl.log 20/05/25 08:05:20.917 10308 - ] # win.xpl version 20/05/25 08:05:20.917 10308 INFO ] Cheers Pete
  10. Not sure if its the recent upgrade to 2.5.25 but I am unable to import any flight plans into the GTN. I have read the manual, a couple of times and the paths suggested are there both with and without the shortcut. When I access the flight plan section Menu /catalog there is no import button as shown on page 9 of the manual. I have placed the checklist file in the aircraft file but it isnt much use without a checklist button in the utilities sections which is also missing I have tried in both the RW Design Twin Otter and the Caranado Cheyenne both the same Any assistance would be appreciated.
  11. Hoping Someone here can help a FSX transferee to XPlane 11. I have a Saitek Pro Stick and Throttle which I have used to set up the Aerosoft Twin Otter Betta and Reverse thrust using FSUIPC in FSX no problem. I have attempted to do the same with the RWDesign Twin Otter V2 but am struggling to find a sweet spot for both Beta and Reverse thrust. I have set up the Carenado PA31T using the XPlane Defaults by ticking the XPlane "has beta/reverse detents" box and very pleased with that but don't seem to be able to emulate that with the RWDesign Twin Otter. If anyone has been able to set it up I would very much appreciate a steer in the right direction. Cheers Pete
  12. Thanks Very Much Luke - simple when you know how - I wont ask how you found that in the registry, it makes my head ache when I get down to that level - left a message for you over at the original post as well -You're a lifesaver - Cheers Pete
  13. Hi MaDDogs -Thanks mate you are a lifesaver. Didn't have much hair to begin with this morning and expected to be totally bald by the morning - till you stepped up to the plate - now I can move on to the re-download of all my Orbx products originally bought through the FSStore 😞. Cheers Pete
  14. Hi Guys I'm going through similar issues with a new machine install. Have installed FSX Gold from my DVDs and successfully activated with my keys - However when I subsequently installed the Acceleration pack I wasn't given the opportunity to insert my registration key and it gave a product activation error message which opened a page telling me to use the activation wizard to activate or use telephone activation without however giving the phone number if its still operating? After the error screen FSX opened ok but was missing the multiplayer button and i suspect now back in the demo mode?? Any idea how to activate Acceleration install?? I would also appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of FSX Service Pack 1 as Microsoft no longer list it for download. The final issue is one of the guys replied to my initial post over on the Win10 forum suggesting I should buy the Steam Version of FSX - my concerns were that I believed the steam version had to be validated at each session on the Steam site? is this correct or is it a stand alone ? and what is the collective wisdom say about whether I should take the opportunity to install the Steam Version on a clean slate? Any suggestions / advice would be much appreciated. Cheers Pete
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