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  1. Hi - the real world POH quotes the following Take-off - 65mph/56kts Vx Best Angle Climb - 72mph/63kts Vy Best Rate Climb - 75mph/66kts Approach - 85mph/74kts. I haven't checked these against the sim figures yet as I'm comparing the real world C of G against the Sim to get a setting which consistently gives better take-off manners - getting close now. The real world WACO has a very short arm of 4 inches which lies between the leading edge of the lower main-plane and the trailing edge of the upper wing, so its no wonder the sim is having problems dealing with it as its used to dealing with a monoplane with the CofG around 1/3mac and not forward of it Let me know how the figures stack up when you fly next Cheers Pete
  2. Hi is there any other way of purchasing Carenado other than MSFSs broken Marketplace - I haven't been able to purchase anything in game (despite supports efforts till they gave up 3 months later) since buying the sim from day 1 till now ? Cheers
  3. Hi Guys Thanks for the suggestions. Fielder I'm not on the steam version have the digital download version and don't have an issue with the marketplace being greyed out and previous to the last USA+ update could record an aircraft on my wish list which now also appears to have disappeared. republic3D - mate I tried logging in under my user account but as I had installed under administrator it wouldn't permit a shortcut to be created. When I went into my Microsoft store account which shows the program listing noticed it has a notation along side that it must be run as administrator. Win10 Pro is not my friend. I think I will end up having to re-install but will wait till the holiday season is over and I get full bandwidth back again. Once again thanks for your suggestions much appreciated - Happy flying - Cheers Pete
  4. Thank you both - I hadn't tried it but unfortunately I normally logon as Admin to slow windows defender down and find that I installed MSFS as Admin and I'm not about to reinstall it again nor Win10 as they suggest just to get it working. I have had a pleasant 3 hours in X-Plane today flying VFR in the beautiful Thandra DHC-2 Beaver exploring ORBX Nth California but I really appreciate you taking the trouble to post your suggestions. I'm watching the mailbox for my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle which tracking tells me left Frankfurt de on the 22nd Dec so I will have a long awaited new toy to play with till someone gets back to me from support. Thank you both again - hope you have a Safe and Happy New Year. Cheers Pete
  5. I enabled UAC - Reset my MS Account and changed payment methods - email matches - Region settings match - reinstalled xbox app - tried launching MSFS from the xbox account- changed permissions - downloaded many Gbs of non essential updates - held my tongue in various different positions and if I was a bit younger I might have tried a handstand. I did a flight in MSFS yesterday with the standard 172 from KSFA north up the coast early morning using Weather Preset Pro -Towering clouds and the sky and light was stunning I have to admit. I would kill for the weather and light from MSFS transferred into X-Plane and would die on the gallows a happy man. Cheers Pete
  6. I envy you - I've been trying to buy it and/or the Ovation and keep getting the dreaded "purchase failed" error no matter what I do after following the Microsoft sequence short of re-installing Windows 10 which is on their list of options . Hope you all continue to enjoy the sim while its working - I'm taking my bat and ball and I'm off back to X-Plane till they sort out the issues - I'm getting too old for this sort of agro. Happy flying Stay safe and have a great New Year in Microsoft world. Cheers Pete
  7. Got my vote. Fabulous plane GTN just doesn't look right. Cheers
  8. Didn't work for me. Ill just go back to X-Plane till this game gets sorted some more
  9. Know how you feel - I fired up this morning hoping to sort the remaining settings and found the upgrade waiting which appeared to go well. Tried the Robin and had some issues so went to the C172. Strange thing is after making sure the profile was selected and doing a control check flaps etc - made a normal takeoff out of Sydney (Well not really a normal takeoff seeing it was in the C172) Flew ok of for maybe 5 mins then wouldn't respond to any control inputs just flew in a gentle circle till I terminated. After a day trying to sort out view mappings I've had enough. I'm Going for a hassle free flight in X-Plane. Cheers.
  10. Hi Dave - Just wondering if you received the Bravo Throttle as expected re post of 1 June 20?. I ordered one through Aerosoft last November to replace my then slowly dying Saitek 52Pro which is now almost rigor mortis and considering the new thrustmaster offering in the absence of any fresh news from Honeycombe. Cheers Pete
  11. Hi Jean - mate thanks for your help to date, the checklist is a minor issue as Im thinking about pulling the trigger on a AivlaSoft EFB so I'm happy to call it quits. The important one for me was the import of flight plans which I now have with your much appreciated assistance. Cheers Pete
  12. I have checked all the folder permissions, having regard to your comments above and they are all read/write. The full path to the checklist is "D:/XPlane 11/Aircraft/DHC-300 Twin Otter V2" Cheers Pete
  13. Thats correct copied into both aircraft folders - no checklist button. Tried both formats .gtn and .ace files
  14. Double checked the checklist files still no button in the utilities menu for the RW DesignTwin Otter and Carenado Cheyenne IIIT. Posted image below for clarification. Below - AirfoilLabs KA350 Below - RW Design Twin Otter and Carenado Cheyenne IIIT Cheers Pete
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