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    It ok, found it, I thought I had updated the GTN that was my issue,. Thanks NEil
  2. Hi all, I can not see where you activate the VNAV option. Please can someone explain where it is done, Thank you, Neil
  3. Hi thanks for the MOD. The lack of RXP GTN750s in the Vc in XPLANE 11 is a real shame. There looks to be space for two GTN750s in the Pc12 seeing that the transponder panel would be incorperated in the GTN. The default Baron would be great to. Thanks Neil
  4. Hi do you have a list of aircraft that the RXP GTN750 / 650 is intergrated into the 3d panel?? THanks Neil
  5. Hi all, A little strange, Seems that the engines kept cutting out for no reason and when i activate the APR on the autopilot it noses dived, Any ideas?? Maybe the Saitek controller / SPAD but thought i check here first. Cheers Neil
  6. Solved it for some reason i had multiple session of the trainer running. Cheers
  7. Actually its doing it to the Phenom too , so i must have messed something up, i noted the TAWS test happens twice one with a femake voice the other with a male. Thank for you help. Neil
  8. Hi Bert, I to would be greatful for a P3d v4 updateed MOD, i have added the mod v2 as it is now to v4 and getting a sort of bleed through on the GTN, Looks like theres two running on top of eachother, Unless it unrelated to v4, Do you gave any idea?? I really does seem to be 2 GTN750 screen on top of eachother nad it flicking between the two. Thank You, Neil
  9. Hi, Is there a link to the P300 V2 - GTN 750 MOD?? Thanks. Also while i am hear, is there anyway of changing the ALT SEL with a Saitek Panel?? Thanks Neil
  10. Hi all, I would like the Saitek panel when using the rotory control to change the altitude on the altitude select gauge in the Cockpit. Does seem to be doing it. V/S works ok. The gauge is fairly common and used in other aircraft Any ideas?? Neil
  11. Hi all, I am using v4 and i cant get power to the GTN750, any ideas? Thanks Neil
  12. I am intreasted in getting this package. Does it install straight into p3d v4 without issues and i prefer not to be creating xml files etc, Just rather go straight in. Wil it be updating for v4??? Cheers Neil.
  13. Hi all, My heading bug changes in 10degree increments, any ideas how to reduce it to 1 degree? Many Thanks Neil
  14. How is the General Aviation and Private jet situatuion managed, Will there be more variation. Thanks. Neil
  15. Does Nico's program have GA Live also??
  16. I can't seem to be able to get this in the UK store.
  17. Hi, Im getting a bit of flicking / bleed through with the GTN750 and the 1000 behind. Any ideas what might cause this?? Cheers Neil
  18. Did this fix the bank?? Thanks Neil
  19. Hi, It was a GTN750 issue i had lost track with eh updates and it started to go wrong. All up todate now and looking good.
  20. I will have a look seem more, GTN 750 issue than a panel issue. Thanks Neil
  21. My GTN750 failed during the flight, TAWS went unavilable and the map froze, Aircraft and P3D continued ok those and i completed the flight. The GTN .EXE seemed to have shut down in windows so i guess the GTN closed to desktop. It might be a one off ?? anyone else had this issue?
  22. Yes i think it was me putting BP AUX in OFF instead of auto, that may have made a difference. I have it working now. Switching every 1m 15s on the ground and 10m in the air. Thanks
  23. Is that what it was??? i usually take off with pressure at airfield elevation, Once im away with now issues and looking good, I change it to Cruise + 1000ft, When in the decent i then change it to landing field elevation. Cheers.
  24. Ok i have found the issue i think i may have been turning the BP AUX off rather than Auto, Anyway its working now. It switches every 1min 15s on the ground and changes based on what the aircraft is doing, In the cruise it goes upto switching every 10 minutes, You are right the switch is purely based on time, The time length decided on what the aircraft is doing, higher GPH will shorten the time to switch, from what i read it either 1m 15s or 10m. If one tank is lower than the other for whatever reason then you can force an early switch using the Switch bp button or switching to manual fuel selection until the imbalance has gone, don't forget to switch back to Auto. you can have a maximum of 15USG difference before the imbalance alert comes on.
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