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  1. denis_bxl

    Flight plan of Piot2ATC

    Hi everybody, I learned deeply Pilt2ATC (how to make a flight plan (*.pln), the voice, etc...), but how to use this flight plan with a PMDG, Labsimlabs or Aérosoft planes. I cann't insert it in the FMC, and to use with Aivlasoft, I need a *.rte file. Until now I use PFPX which does what I need. Do you have some idea, if it's possible to get the ATC with this sort of planes or it's only to use with FSX ? Thanks in advance
  2. denis_bxl

    saitek calibration

    I use FSX and also the Saitek Yoke Pro. I did nothing in FSUIPC even having the full version. I used SPAD to get beter driver for Saitek with W10, but you have to reinstall the switch panel, the pedal and the instrument panel with the original drivers of Saitek. That works after very good for FSX with W10. The radio works too if you configure correctly the PMDG radio, and I use only from Saitek the spoiler, the reverse, the trim, the brakes, the gateaway, the ezdock camera, the pushback, or from PMDG or FSX when GSX insn't avaible, the quake is always correct and the CRS also (just for info), but with no use. Don't try the Saitek A/P, HDG, IAS, VS and ALT. it doesn't work, but use only the PMDG A/P. You restart your PC for the planes of FSX (P3D) and Saitek works correctly. Good Flight
  3. denis_bxl

    PMDG 777 PILOT banner

    Hello, I just would like to say thank you for this forum and the support of PMDG to have help me to fly in 777/200 from EHAMP to OMDB, with no problem anymore. I receive a lot of help also for PFPX, Aivlasolft and Ezdock camera. If I can help somebody I'm there now. Don't hesited. Maybe I'm not at the good place in the forum, but I'm somebody who use them often. Thanks a lot Denis