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  1. A quick update on this scenery... I've been in contact with Alex Ranc, and he is intending to get this airport updated for P3D V4, but is having issues with the contractor he uses. Therefore he can't offer a planned release date. He has however informed that that there will NOT be an upgrade fee for this, so that's great news. He also kindly offered me a refund because of the unclear wording on the website, so overall I'm pleased with the support offered. I'm going to sit tight and wait for the update however. With the help of DJJose I've managed to get a fairly good workaround for P3D V4 so, it's acceptable for the time being. Here's an OvGME format mod that improves the situation substantially. The only real negative I've seen is above a certain altitude there's a obviously 'wrong' black shadow like issue under the terminal, but from ground level it looks fine for me.
  2. So I got "caught out" by the "works in P3D V3 and up" line on the cielosim website the other day, and have spent hours in ADE trying to create some excludes that actually work in P3D V4.4. I've managed to produce something that at least cleans the buildings up, no sign of the stock ones any more... However, I'm getting some nasty flickering on the aprons, taxiways and runways. I'm guessing that this is the stock stuff fighting with the addon? Is there any way I can suppress the other stock features in a similar manner? My primitive approach so far is a series of exclude all boxes covering the majority of the airport area, the only bit I left without an exclude was around the jetways, otherwise they disappeared too 😞
  3. Yeah I think I'm doing "it" right. I tried to ensure that the first screenshot showed the AP switch in the on position.
  4. I must admit the thought had crossed my mind about loading a basic default aircraft first, as I know many other developers recommend that approach. It's something I've never done, and I've never yet really had any issues from not doing that... Until now perhaps?
  5. Hi All, A quick update... The flight yesterday went fine, no funny business, but tonight I took another jaunt from Oslo to Trondheim and had the issue crop up again. I've captured some screenshots to illustrate. #1 Autopilot switch enabled, and autopilot functioning correctly, but the AP lights don't highlight what mode(s) are engaged. Is there some other switch I need to throw to make this behave? #2 Pressing the light test button after landing, disco inferno, except the AP mode annunciators #3 From the Vehicle menu I reloaded the exact same aircraft and livery and tried the light test button again, and we're all good As I said this is a minor issue, but I am hitting probably 50% of the time I use my Lear or MU-2. @Raphael_Chacon you might not have been imagining things 🙂 Cheers.
  6. I'm just about to take the 4.1A update for a jaunt now, so I'll let you know how things go! Don't get me wrong, I love both aircraft, and it could well be something I'm doing, I've just not figured it out yet.
  7. I've not tried this update yet, so might comment is slightly off piste, but I have observed inconsistent behaviour with various lights in both the Lear and the MU-2. Autopilot lights don't always illuminate when a function is engaged, and sometimes the illuminated switches don't light up when set to on. Nothing earth shattering, reloading the aircraft resolves the issue, but personally I've found the lights a touch troublesome. I've only observed this sort of issue with the Lear and the MU-2, so I don't think its a more general simulator issue (P3D V4.4)
  8. Bit late to the party, but I wanted to thrown in my recommendation for Flysimware here too! Somehow I became aware of the MU-2 being on sale, and that was one of the first payware aircraft I purchased back when I messed around with X-Plane 9... So I was really interested to see it for P3D V4, it's a great little aircraft that I have a real soft spot for. After a bit of research and shopping around JustFlight was the place to buy @£13.99, a good few quid cheaper than other retailers, so I took the plunge. I'm so glad that I did! The screenshots really don't do it justice. I'm not going to pretend that the VC textures are the best in the world, but they ARE very good, and certainly don't distract from a fantastic flying experience. In fact I was so impressed with the MU-2 that within a day or two I had purchased the Lear 35A too :D Both excellent buys, from which I'm sure I'm going to get many many hours of enjoyment.
  9. I just found out about this yesterday too. The github project is here: https://github.com/LB767/OpenShade I've tried it out quickly, and I seems to work. Needs a lot more investigation, but for a free option I'm willing to give it a look.
  10. I've purchased the CRJ from RealFlightShop, and they've got the 1.005 update available for download. Obviously they lag a little behind getting the updates from Aerosoft directly, but not by much in my experience thus far. I got it for £38.78 after PayPal's less than favourable exchange rates, and at that price I felt it was worth taking a chance on a new retailer.
  11. I was wondering about this myself very recently, and I decided to take the plunge on P3D over the Christmas break. For my hardware (i5 2500K overclocked to 4.5ghz, Nvidia 1060, 16GB RAM, running from an SSD) P3D has been a massive improvement. I'm over the moon with it. Orbx Northern California, Vector and Flightbeam KSFO with the Aerosoft Airbus gives me a comfortable 20 FPS ish, going up to 30 (fixed). The built in planes belt along, I get 50-60 FPS if I unlock it with stock. Hope that helps Edit - Also prolly 90% of my add-ons ported over just fine. My most common issue was scenery having P3D compatible installers, but somehow managing to not add to the scenery.cfg correctly. I guess the biggest difference for me is that I don't yet run any AI traffic, that always killed the FPS for me with FSX, and I've not tried it with P3D yet. I'm kinda liking the clear skies atm
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