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  1. yabeweb

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    My official take is a cockpit suite for PMDG.... something A la ProSim.
  2. New product....as in Airbus may be? May be we can finally see a study level A380 😄
  3. yabeweb

    Update not working

    Thank you, I remember being able to update trough the OC.... but thanks for the tip.. What is misleading me is the fact that OC says it can download the update for me...
  4. yabeweb

    Update not working

    Hello everyone, I keep getting notification of version 1.10.8448, but I keep pressing update, it download the file, it opens a "dos like window" and seems like everything is ok, but then everytime I open the Operation center i keep getting the same update notification an the installed version is still 1.0.8395. What can I do? Thank and happy new year to everyone! Andrea Benvenuti
  5. yabeweb

    PMDG 737 NGX V3

    Will buy it when they release a V3, for now no 737 for me :(
  6. yabeweb

    Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1 released

    1) Navigate to your Control Panel, Right Click on Prepar3D v4 Academic \ Professional click Uninstall Don't i need to unisntall only the client? Shouldn't it be 1) Navigate to your Control Panel, Right Click on Prepar3D v4 Academic \ Professional client click Uninstall ??
  7. yabeweb

    Cockpit sounds not working

    I usually fix it tapping twice the leter q to mute / unmute wierd issue and wierder solution..but it works for me.
  8. yabeweb

    Split Scimitar

    I would rather have a Max version... so that I could build my cockpit around that.... Max Cockpit would save me lots of mip stuff, relegating most of the stuff to screens....mip and efis would be pratcically the same and apard from Gear lever and AFDS I would not need to buy much I know it is probaby a project far far away!!!
  9. yabeweb

    PMDG 737NGX v2

    You are right there's nothing wrong with it, but you can always ask for more , it's PMDG's fault , they reaised the bar too high!
  10. yabeweb

    PMDG 737NGX v2

    I was expecting some news for cockpit builders
  11. yabeweb

    The future of the NGX

    Thank you for the link, but if i heard correctly they are talking about better HW integration trough SDK and that is great , but thatnks to the marvellous OC4BA i have no issue with hardware integration between my Opencockpits and PMDGs. The issue is more with display panels as right now i can pop up the standby gauges with a "tweak" but it is not ideal and it would be nice to have something like the prosim display module. Hopefully there will be a good update soon
  12. yabeweb

    The future of the NGX

    Will have a look when i get back home thank you for the info! If i could get better use of the 737 for my home cockpit....then it is an immediate purchase!
  13. yabeweb

    The future of the NGX

    I would consider buying the 737 NG if an update (a little bit biggger than a service pack) was released (so far i have their 747 for FS 9 and the 777 for P3D). It would be nice if it had: 1st Split scimitar 2nd cockpit or at least gauges for standby so that i could use it better in m my home cockpit 3rd would be great to have a max style cockpit (very unlikely) Really the point 2 for my home cockpit would be the most useful, better pop up gauges for stand by
  14. yabeweb

    Can someone make me a repaint?

    I am too looking for a painter, if you happen to find one let me know, i'll do the same!!
  15. yabeweb

    Stand by gauges

    There are 3 gauges, i would like to pop either all 3 of them or the lower 2 so i can put it in the same screen as my upper eicas but cannot find a way to do it. I tried with ISFD only but that does not pup up either, i think i really need something like PM or Prosim to do what i want :(