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  1. theobrinkman

    Error... "Not enough timers available"in Linda v.3.08

    Andrew, Thx for responsing. The error occurs after Linda closes down. Linda closes automatically after closing down P3Dv4. I don't know if FSUIPC sits between the two apps. Hopely it makes any sence to solve the issue. Regards Theo
  2. Hi In the great Linda-app I get an error everytime at the end of P3Dv4 and closing down the Linda-aqpp. "Not enough timers available". On the forum I read Andrew (Scotflieger) told us that this error would be solved in version 3.02. Question.. Am I the only guy with this Linda-error? How can this be solved ? Hopefully you have a suggestion. Cheers, Theo
  3. theobrinkman

    P4AO Addon Organizer performance update

    Thx for your respons. I’ve tested full xml use on most sceneries compared to full conventional scenery-lab-use. In startup-time and memory-use there is not much difference. So conclusion: the AOM-tool gives no memory-advantages but managing the sceneries is the biggest advantage. Please your comment and thx in advance.
  4. theobrinkman

    P4AO Addon Organizer performance update

    Thanks for your respons. 🙂 Something else.. The AddOn Orgasizer.. When making an addon.xml of any airport and looking then into created the xml-file I only see the scenery-statement. Looking at the Airport file on the SSD there is besides the scenery- also a texture-folder. When making an addon.xml with any notepad by hand I use both the statements <scenery> and <texture>. With the Organizer I miss the <Texture> part in the addon.xml. Why is that?? Or what do I wrong? Regards Theo
  5. theobrinkman

    P4AO Addon Organizer performance update

    Hi Today I explored the AddOn Organizer. Doing this the question came up if using addon.xmls is more memoryfriendly that making the same sceneries etc. available by using P3D-SceneryLibrary. So is it more efficient using the sceneries embedded in addon.xml or is there no difference in using/adding these traditionaly into the Scenery Library. Hope to hear Regards Theo
  6. I know, but that, i think, you can use when having a flightplan. But flying just, without any plan, around, you can't discover heights of mountains and hills.. Or???
  7. Hi, Perhaps that I didn't discover this, but when flying without any plan over hills and mountains I can't see the height of altitude of the mountains. In FSTramp was this a great feature just by moving your mouse over the landscape etc. Can this be made/facilitated in LNM?
  8. theobrinkman

    Linda settings & Minimize to tray

    Andrew, no problems with FSUIPC anymore. The minimalizing thing/error within Linda is still there.
  9. theobrinkman

    Linda settings & Minimize to tray

    Andrew, Not oke with me. I get a FSUIPC-error. When I click that error away, Linda pops-up. With the minus (right-above) I minimize the app. So....
  10. theobrinkman

    Linda settings & Minimize to tray

    Thx, hope hear from you soon. Wish you a great day, Theo
  11. theobrinkman

    Linda settings & Minimize to tray

    After activating P3Dv4 Linda v3.0.2.714 starts nearly immediately. Great ! Then when everything is ok, the screen of Linda remains visual on the monitor although in the Setup of Linda the box "Minimize to tray" is set toON. Why doesn't Linda minimize to the taskbar?
  12. theobrinkman

    Linda 3.0.2

    Andrew, I and my fellow-captains at the club who are using Linda icw McpCombo have the same issue about the timer-issue. As you said it has no effect on normal use. Only at the end of the sessions. So it's more or less cosmetic but it would be nice when it can be solved.
  13. theobrinkman

    Linda 3.0.2

    Hi.. when will Linda 3.0.2 be released ? In which the timer-issue will be solved?
  14. theobrinkman

    FreeMeshX South America unable to download

    Thx I managed it. Works fine now. :)
  15. Hi.. What is the best position of the FreeMeshX-Continents in the P3Dv4 SceneryLibrary ? I now have placed it just above Bathmetry and under ORBX!OLC. To get the really right performance, results, memoryhandling, etc, I think there must be an ideal spot in the Library. Please comments....