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  1. Shouldn't this be in 'What We Want'?
  2. MartinH

    What We Want

    Good point, which for some reason also leads me to wonder; based on the many comments about a desire for impresive graphics, smooth performance, and complex simulation whether there could be a way to compromise on graphics against the complexity of the sim to allow fine tuning of performance. I doubt it's unreasonable to think that being able to run a next gen sim with both ultra graphics, good performance and complexity would be like having your cake and eating it, and it's possible users wanting complex simulation may be happy to compromise on the eye candy, but I'd imagine everyone would at least want a smooth experience.
  3. MartinH

    What We Want

    I don't see how anything you're asking for would be unpopular with what the hardcore types want to see themselves, if the product can do what they're asking for then it's reasonable to presume it can do things like auto starts. Being able to pick and choose how complex it can be would be useful all-round.
  4. MartinH

    What We Want

    Late to the game, so I'd imagine this has already been added (there's certainly been some good comments from what I've read) - but for what it's worth (IMO) perhaps warrants another comment. I'd be happy to see: A UI along the lines of FSUIPC, that can help set and calibrate control methods. Ability to officially use the product for study, hopefully with NAA endorsements - at least from FAA and EASA. If possible, this may need to be made available as something 3rd Party developers can apply for when releasing add-ons and so on. Ability to use/practice vocal radio transmissions to the standard of PilotEdge for example, if possible with a reliable AI so users could develop radio skills without fear of embarrassment. Weather - presently sims present this as something fairly static and rely on 3rd party camera effects to simulate motion. If this could be something programmed to influence the flight dynamics of the planes flown instead, and required inputs to correct. Admittedly, at least 2 of these ideas are tall orders, but the ability for a flight school running a few copies of the product to actually know it has developed from the current benefits like cockpit familiarization would be rather nice.
  5. MartinH

    July 11th development update

    Granted, and apologies Ganter, I meant to imply I was thinking about thew source of the image.
  6. MartinH

    July 11th development update

    Looks great, makes me wonder if it's game footage or a cutscene.
  7. On the contrary, I have it working.
  8. I found the old FSX Spitfire works fine in P3d4, you just need to run the updater tool after installing.
  9. MartinH

    Aircraft suspended in mid air???

    Did nothing happen when you deactivate the KLIT entries?
  10. Just realeased; anyone installed this yet? Any thoughts?
  11. MartinH

    How to get A2A planes?

    My apologies, you're correct; it's been a good while since I read the posts at A2A and I must've convinced myself what I would've preferred to hear was fact.
  12. MartinH

    How to get A2A planes?

    The confusion might be that they are planning to offer free upgrades on older products that weren't updated to work natively with P3d - ie. the warbirds. My understanding is that anything that doesn't have a p3d version will eventually get a release for v4, and owners of the FSX copies will be entitled to an upgrade on these items.
  13. MartinH

    Black Marble Base for P3Dv4 released

    If anything, I'm starting to feel this product would've done better had the developers actually approached ORBX with the idea rather than trying to develop and market it all themselves - the confusing pricing and support packages, unclear products, saying it's compatible with vector when it isn't, saying that's been fixed when it seems not to have been. Honestly, the Night Environment products he released were really good so I'm really hoping something comes of this, but... I just don't even know anymore.
  14. MartinH

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    I wonder why the Download is more expensive than the physical cd version?
  15. MartinH

    what are you waiting for in V4

    For me: Heathrow, NGX, FSL-A320, ORBX, FlyTampa. Although, once they're installed I'll move on to wanting my random airports.