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  1. The GPS is on the right side of the image, have you gotten enough sleep since your download finished? 😉
  2. There's two North American airports too. I'm tempted to see if they work in the beta.
  3. Probably because there's no default military jets to do it justice. Edit: (Yet.)
  4. Recently decided to try Vatsim again, can't log-in on vPilot using the ID and password I used on the Vatsim website. Unsure why that was, I decided to try making a new account on Vatsim and have no idea how to do so. Firstly, the sign-up form asks to set a password reminder before I've set a password, and clicking 'register me' just gives me a message saying something went wrong because I didn't chose a division. All fields on the sign-up form where filled in, and there was nothing about choosing a division. How do people get on the network?
  5. hahaah, "next update 1/23!" Becoming a proofreader's made me such a pedant.
  6. This is more what I was hoping to discuss. Given that the software has a strong relationship with being online as the default, and by extention many usesrs may be online together, it could be fun for people to develop events to bring people to fly together (though this would likely need some robust policing against trolls given the scope of the platform). The Skypark stuff seems like it has potential in the new sim, like an evolution from career modes, although the transportation jobs side of it could be more interesting if there was a reward - for example if someone were to contribute the most recieving some payware, like a competition event. Which in turn makes me wonder if one day there may be something like Farnbrough airshow in the sim, where devs show off new planes and perhaps come up with giveaways like being included in beta testing of new plane models to participants. Anways, I worry I'm starting to sound like all I'm thinking about is competitions and freebies, the crux of it is that events such as these are one way to input detailed speciallised scenery from 3rd parties that would be unique enough to compete with the evolving sophistication of the sim. Again, not to say scenery or planes are going to be handled so well by default, just that given the improvements it would be cool to see how creative developers could become in how they work with the platform.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, however these are things already being produced by 3rd parties; I'm thinking of what new things they may be able to bring to the platform given the advancements in the underlying software. Such as my example of seasonal airshows. Edit: Example.
  8. Another speculative thread I'm afraid folks, but (given Microsoft's apparently solid approach to generating scenery) I was wondering what people may think about the possibility of developers shifting from making airports and scenery to something like events at those locations. Imagine if there was a product that modeled, for example, populating Oshkosh when that's taking place; so you could fly in and see some AI acrobatics going on - or even community events or competitions. Essentially, I'm thinking of items that could compliment rather than replace what's in the sim.
  9. Good point, which for some reason also leads me to wonder; based on the many comments about a desire for impresive graphics, smooth performance, and complex simulation whether there could be a way to compromise on graphics against the complexity of the sim to allow fine tuning of performance. I doubt it's unreasonable to think that being able to run a next gen sim with both ultra graphics, good performance and complexity would be like having your cake and eating it, and it's possible users wanting complex simulation may be happy to compromise on the eye candy, but I'd imagine everyone would at least want a smooth experience.
  10. I don't see how anything you're asking for would be unpopular with what the hardcore types want to see themselves, if the product can do what they're asking for then it's reasonable to presume it can do things like auto starts. Being able to pick and choose how complex it can be would be useful all-round.
  11. Late to the game, so I'd imagine this has already been added (there's certainly been some good comments from what I've read) - but for what it's worth (IMO) perhaps warrants another comment. I'd be happy to see: A UI along the lines of FSUIPC, that can help set and calibrate control methods. Ability to officially use the product for study, hopefully with NAA endorsements - at least from FAA and EASA. If possible, this may need to be made available as something 3rd Party developers can apply for when releasing add-ons and so on. Ability to use/practice vocal radio transmissions to the standard of PilotEdge for example, if possible with a reliable AI so users could develop radio skills without fear of embarrassment. Weather - presently sims present this as something fairly static and rely on 3rd party camera effects to simulate motion. If this could be something programmed to influence the flight dynamics of the planes flown instead, and required inputs to correct. Admittedly, at least 2 of these ideas are tall orders, but the ability for a flight school running a few copies of the product to actually know it has developed from the current benefits like cockpit familiarization would be rather nice.
  12. Granted, and apologies Ganter, I meant to imply I was thinking about thew source of the image.
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