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  1. You sound so entitled it's untrue... so you've never heard of any of them? So what lol.. are we to look to you in terms of who we watch?! MSFS2020 has sparked a lot of interest and people that have never flown before are starting to play and enjoy simming for the first time. You have a problem with that too? Quite unbelievable...
  2. And still this thread exists?! .... #modsdoyourting
  3. I see nothing going on that goes against any NDA tbh..
  4. Wow..... i mean... show the facts with links or tangible quotes or whatever, but this sounds laughable at best...
  5. Yeah, very interested to see how some of these aiports look. To me it's a very important and immersive part of the sim and very enjoyable too, especially with ATC chatter and AI planes coming and going. Having a feeling of the world being alive is a very important aspect for me and i'm guessing one that, in the end, the 3rd party developers will have to polish in order for them to truly shine and have the detail we crave. But, we shall see...!
  6. True that, but, you can also set the weather to whatever you wish, so... you can always override that and be happy.
  7. I'm guessing they're very keen to see how a larger pool of users playing and actually streaming data over the internet works, assuming this is implemented in the this early Alpha build, will be quite key for them to monitor. As far as i'm aware, all builds that have been shown to press, streamers etc have been cached? Anyways, as well as simply flying and keeping my eyes open for anything glaring, i'm looking forward to pushing certain scenarios to the extremes to see how things are being handled there.
  8. What are you even saying lol?! You're miles off... we're wanting and hoping for all the boxes to be ticked and MS seem to be listening. And yet all the while we get these, quite frankly, ridiculously speculative and cynical posts.
  9. Those approaches in Southampton and Zurich looked sublime and full of depth and atmosphere... c'mon c'mon.... release that Tech 1 build.....
  10. oops, yep... my bad... this is the original stall vid... hmmf....! soz...
  11. Wew... still waiting for this build... i'm kinda thinking that they have a few more goodies they'd like to bake into this next build before testing and are as such holding back a little until they can get that compiled and ready for us..
  12. I'm really hoping that there are some properly working options for frame limiting in-game in order to up the visuals to the absolute max whilst keeping a smooth and achievable 30fps if wanted. No affinity masks or messing around. Simply a way of balancing, especially for lesser powered rigs.
  13. I think that Microsoft and indeed Asobo have looked and truly realised that even though the sim market may be more niche than say, Fortnite, its still very relevant. Simulating something such as a 737 in as realistic environment as possible is kinda cool and absolutely challenging. These flying machines are still engineering milestones for mankind, it's why we're such a focused and enthusiastic bunch eh? What they're doing here for us will no doubt filter 'up' into simulators for real pilots and beyond.. their transparency so far though is pretty commendable, smart and very much appreciated..
  14. Cool, sounds good. So, i woulda thought in that case then TrackIR would at least have 'look' around capabilities assuming they have a free flowing look system bound to the mouse or whatever. And then i'm betting adding a z-axis for TrackIR would only be a matter of time, certainly going on how MS/Asobo are dealing with things so far.. i.e listening to us...
  15. So, does TrackIR not allow you to bind to 'look' such as mouse look, and then simply take that over and allow you to look around? This is pretty much how EdTracker works?
  16. If i'm allowed to test, i'll be checking out how my edTracker works in the tech alpha, if at all, but i'd assume i can bind as usual to free moving look controls and away we go..
  17. And they changed their video format and now went with Youtube? Listening to our every whim it seems... props to the Devs!
  18. "From the start, we have all assumed that 4k was the only way to go for FS20.." Have we all assumed this, at all?! ... generalised assumptions tbh OP.. I'm sure they are pushing hard for good frames at 4K seeing as this is pretty much becoming a standard in gaming, simming, whatever. But i certainly never assumed anything, and tbh assuming gets you into trouble by my experience... Let the alpha roll out and we can see what's what, but i'm pretty sure it'll look great on a 4K monitor as well as looking good on a 1080p monitor.
  19. Yeah, not expecting a full experience by any means, but, def expecting some of what was experienced in the reveal (which was insane) and some of what those that got to try said was pretty much 'mindblowing' compared to what has gone before it..!
  20. I'm personally proper excited to hopefully get my hands on the early build and experience some of what's been seen in the videos first hand. This is cutting edge tech and paving the way for a new era of flight sim and i def want to be a part of it and help the devs in any way i can.
  21. Phew.... for a tech alpha, Microsoft must be thinking 'wow' to some of these comments... #toughcrowd
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