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  1. stripealipe

    P3D v4.4 and settings ... and video samples from Beta

    Surely would be very sweet if they could code some kind of test scenario that you could run and let the code work out some good settings overall for best performance. This kind of tweaking starts to get a bit silly in this day and age, especially when we're down to settings at the 'command line' level. But then i guess this is what we have to deal with when tweaking a rather antiquated graphics engine..
  2. stripealipe

    ENVTEX vs REX4 Texture Direct+Soft Clouds, with PTA

    ASP4 and ASCA is simply the best out there for weather right now. Dynamic cloud textures and a fantastic realtime weather system works really well. Saying that, the ASCA sky textures are not great, That for me is where Envtex comes in. Their sky textures are very cool and they also integrate with ASCA so that they get dynamically integrated into the sim depending on weather conditions, and where you are in the world. It's a killer combo. Finish it off with PTA and the Envtex preset for PTA and things look quite amazing in the sim world..
  3. stripealipe

    Is EzDok a good replacement for a POV hat?

    Seriously, check ezDok and it's cinematic external camera modes, it's tight integration with ASP4 for ultra realistic weather/cam turbulence effects and it's constantly updated (via user feedback) support... not to mention it's silly easy front end yet hugely customisable front end and you end up with the definitive cam upgrade for your sim. Add to that, as i've said before, pretty much minimal CPU overhead compared to Chaseplane (do a search) and you really cannot go wrong...
  4. stripealipe

    Is EzDok a good replacement for a POV hat?

    ezDok user here and it will do what you need with aplomb. The CPU usage is also silly minimal.. way less than Chaseplane, so if you're chasing every bit of performance from your machine to sim (aren't we all?!) then i'd say you won't be disappointed. It's also stupidly customisable should you want to get into the nitty gritty of it all, though the new front end is a cinch to setup and use.
  5. stripealipe

    Turbulent - Announcing TERRA FLORA

    Pictures tell a thousand words, but video gives the whole story! ......
  6. stripealipe

    Strange lighting issue P3D v4

    It's indeed my most annoying thing in P3D... this and the cloud shadows sometimes popping in and out when you pan the view around which i assume is related... they should add a quality slider to draw more shadows should your hardware be capable to try and alleviate this... we can but dream anyways..
  7. stripealipe

    Envtex question

    You basically need to make sure Envtex can see or have access to the main ASCA install folder, as it is here that it will install the sky textures and cloud textures if you want to use them. Once it has done the install, it's done. No need to have Envtex open or anything like that as explained previously. Turn on Envtex only integration in the Envtex/ASCA options and this will make ASCA use only the Envtex sky textures which are way way better than the ASCA ones itself. And it will setup the WX configuration for the sky textures too, so they will work dynamically depending on weather conditions and where you are flying on the planet.
  8. You should be careful here... GPU usage is not the entire story, as many cards simply throttle when they're not being pushed hard and will show near 100% at a reduced clock speed until they're then pushed harder and then ramp up their clock speeds and the overall usage may then drop. Use GPU-Z and keep a careful eye on your speeds and overall usage.
  9. I've never bought one of your products as yet, but i've looked from time to time, but now i think it's time to give it a shot. I mean, demo? For that money i think i can't really go wrong... The screenshots look really nice with great detailing.
  10. stripealipe

    Blurry Textures?

    I've recently got the odd blurry, but it's strange as it's always the same tile/patch in the same place! No idea why this is, and around the same area some of the surrounding textures are almost full res but pretty much always pop into perfect res at the same point every time i fly over it. Everything else surrounding looks fine, so, it's a bit odd....
  11. stripealipe

    Horrible FPS Loss with Clouds?

    Get GPU-Z and check your GPU usage when flying in these scenarios as you'll be able to see if you're pushing your card to 100% or near. This way you'll be able to see if it's your GPU or maybe something else.
  12. stripealipe

    P#D v4 Going DIrectly to background

    Strange, since installing Vector my yoke will not control the sim unless the main P3D window is the focus window. If i select any other window outside i have no control anymore from the yoke, whereas previously i had full control. The hats on the yoke still work though!
  13. Just a heads up that the "Lucy Borchard" container ship sailing outside Vancouver main bay area is simply going around in circles doing 'donuts' in the water and going nowhere.. someone might wanna give her a good push?! ...!
  14. Turbo Boost and Turbo Boost Max are two completely different things, with Turbo Boost Max being a new feature of the new chip architecture being used in the i9 processors.
  15. Just download Rob's flight and settings and the whole flight will replay. You must have FRAPS installed to record the results... I'll report in with my results later or tomorrow, as i think this will be interesting.