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    Flight Ops student flying Pipers and Cessnas.
  1. The CPU air cooler is now installed. As I said, the Corsair H115i was defective and I didn't want to take the risk taking delivery of another damaged item. I bought the Enermax ETS-T40 in white which matches the build and I'm pretty surprised. It cools better and makes les noise. -In the picture below I was making sure it fitted perfectly before putting it in place.- This week I am running some benchmarks and finishing the setup of the software. Then, proceed to the installation of games and photo/video editing programs. The CPU runs at 4.48Ghz without any problem. As for the temperatures, no much to say until I don't test it with some ultra graphics. 2 reasons actually. First being the budget, I wanted at least 500 SSD storage and the Samsung M.2 960 it almost $350. Second, I had already the SSD. An evo 850 given by my dad that allowed me to save some bucks. But don't worry, it'll be one of my first additions to the built in a year or so.
  2. With a little bit of help from my parents I was able to finish the build!! I had to make some last time changes but the PC is going to be an awesome machine Although there is one issue, the Corsair H115i has a rattle on the water pump/motor, I am going to have to replace it. -Box: NZXT S340 Elite -Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW -Fans: CORSAIR AF120 / AF140 Quiet Edition 1200rpm -Liquid cooling: CORSAIR H115i. (Defective item, I might be getting a air cooler instead) -Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB) -Monitor: Dell UltraSharp 27" LED-Lit G-SYNC (I was able to convince my dad to help!) -Mother board: MSI Z270 KRAIT GAMING Power: EVGA superNOVA 650 P2 Processor: INTEL i7 7700k 4.5 GHz SSD Samsung 850 EVO 1TB; HHD SEAGATE 4TB at 7.200rpm
  3. I'm a flight operations student flying in and out of a class B airport. So much fun!
  4. While others retire I'm getting into the aviation world (and the flight sim world), hopefully in 3-4 years when I finish my bachelor degree i'll be a FO. 22 years!
  5. February update, I'm almost there! :smile: Next week I'll be getting the processor and the motherboard! -Box: NZXT S340 Elite (I have it) -Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW -Fans: CORSAIR AF140 Quiet Edition 1200rpm (I have it) -Liquid cooling: CORSAIR H115i (I have it) -Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB) (I have it) -Monitor: Dell UltraSharp 25" LED-Lit -Mother board: ASUS Rog Strix Z270E Gaming -Power: CORSAIR RM750x -Processor: INTEL i7 7700k 4.5 GHz -Storage: SSD Samsung 850 EVO 1TB; HHD SEAGATE 4TB at 7.200rpm
  6. Thanks for putting the effort creating this livery gentlemen. I will be downloading and using the Fedex livery pretty soon!
  7. Back in the day, I played FS2004, -just with he basic version and my old Thrustmaster joystick- to relax while rFactor was my go to when I needed that extra adrenaline playing online in teams and doing some races. I'm looking forward to involve again in sims, but first I need to finish building my XXI century PC.
  8. It´s a non sense. Who in the world would like to put at risk hundreds of people. Anyway, hopefully pilot reports through ATC, and public help will help to catch these gentlemen infraganti some day and give them what they deserve.
  9. Looking good your new rig! I believe the 30FPS range is the average for flight SIMs with add-ons installed. I think it holds pretty well and runs great. I'm looking forward to learn more about it when I finish building mine. Cheers!
  10. Hello fellow AVSIM members, It is time for an update on my built. As as student, I have to manage my money to be able to buy all the parts which I need to finish my gaming PC. I bought some parts, such as the case, CPU cooling, RAM, accessories such as keyboard, mice, headset, Saitek flight controls and the fans. In the next couple of weeks I hope to finally buy all the parts I have left. I will be posting an update when I have collected all the missing parts. The specs of the built have changes a bit, some parts were not/ are not available anymore and some others have been upgraded to newer/better versions. Cheers!
  11. I was thinking about that same topic, but I wasn't quite sure because of the times that might take running the OS activities needed for the game from a separate SSD. I might give it a try, I actually never did because I always had the OS in the same drive for playing games. Never had a problem though. Thanks for the advice Holdit but as for now, I rather expend the extra money in a little bit of extra performance or even save a little when it's time to buy if there as some deals that appeal to me. But in the futur, oh yeah! I would like to see have it is to run the OS in one drive and gaming in other. As I said before, being a student does not make me rich ha, ha... I'm trying to squeeze every penny in this rig, so it can last me as long as possible without wasting any money. Cheers, JL
  12. Nice pictures!! I love the reality of the landscape including the mountains -I don't know much about geography in the US but they might be the Smokies, aren't they?- The Indianapolis speedway is another cool thing to look at, amazing!!
  13. Today I played FSX with the EVGA GForce GTX 1070 SC and I have to say, I am amazed. For my purposes I am 100% sure it is enough and it is going to last me for years. That being said, I am going to downgrade to this graphics card and I can use the money to change or upgrade other components. I have two cases in my mind: The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX with only one side tempered glass or the GLASS version which has both. I like both cases in silver, so after some hours of research with my friend's help, I came up with the following changes: - Box: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Silver / Glass (undecided between the two versions I said). - Power: CORSAIR CX850M. - Mother board: MSI Z170A MPower Gaming titanium. (Because it's silver and it matches) - Processor: INTEL i7 6700k 4.0 GHz. - Liquid refrigeration: CORSAIR H115i. (As recommended by martin-w) - RAM: G.Skill 16GB (2 x 8GB) Ripjaws V Series DDR4 Silver. (Recommended by martin-w) - Graphics card : EVGA GForce GTX 1070 FTW. (I chose this version because seems to perform better with overclocking). - SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB. (Maybe futur upgrade to 1TB or 2 x 500GB) (Recommended by martin-w) - HHD: SEAGATE 2TB 128MB 7200rpm. And that is it so far. I still looking, reading and taking all the information as possible before start building it because I want to make sure that is going to last me at least 5-7 years without having to upgrade it all at once (I understand some thinks might have to be updated on the way). I want to say thank you again to the people that is helping me here in Avsim and outside because this is very important for me. As a student I started saving for this rig more than one year ago. Cheers, JL
  14. I really like the Corsair case! I think it gives me an excuse to do an amazing job with cable management. Although I have to say, If I get this case I will have to change some components on my list to match colors. I have to think about it before start buying . Tomorrow I'm going to meet a friend who has a GTX 1070, I'm going to see how performs playing FSX loaded with add-ons. I'll decide if stick to my 1080 previous choice or choose the 1070 instead. It looks like all the doubts I had a couple of month ago are coming back ha, ha... Cheers, JL
  15. Sadly, I cannot edit my first post. My dream gaming PC is almost complete and soon I'm starting to purchase components. I will share some pictures during the following months so people like me and other enthusiasts have a clear vision of what this is about. Yes, I forgot to mention it. That's another update. Now I'm looking for a box that fits the components and my preferences. I'll take that advice as well and maybe replace the fans. Thanks for your help.
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