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  1. Like I said Kyle, this was not to disrespect or show contempt for pmdg. On the contrary it is because we value pmdg planes that we want to actually fly one in xplane. I still fly pmdg all the time in p3d. I know you can't speak about any future plans for the company but please pass along the sentiments of the community. If pmdg will ever fully embraces xplane I hope it starts by a proper update to the dc6. This will go a long way with faithful existing customers.
  2. I rarely comment on things like this but here it goes. This whole thread is about a question that was asked but remains unanswered. The question was respectful and this thread represents many of us who love the product but are patiently waiting for an update. This is not coming from people that have bad intentions or want to slander your products. Yet you chose to comment on a misstatement in this thread while completely missing or ignoring the point. You have customers here that want to continue using your products and prob. have many other of your product in p3d but we have a legitimate gripe about the dc6 for xplane. Did you really think that everyone would just stay in xplane 10? I understand your whole side on the issue as has been posted before about its development for xplane 10, but it has been years. Personally I feel like there is something else going on here. Were egos hurt by the loud and aggressive minority in the xplane community? In either case it would be nice if the original question in this thread was answered. This would show some loyalty from Pmdg to customers like myself that loyally purchase your products not only in xplane but also p3d.
  3. Hello. Wanted to find out if there is an updated mod for the Embraer 110. For me it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Whole 3d cockpit of the 110 is missing and gtn is just a black frame. Thanks,
  4. Yes I used badweather.com to find bad weather. And skyvector was reporting cavok for kmia. Did more test today and beta 4 is pretty amazing. The colors and fog layers worked really nice at all altitudes. I would post some amazing screen shot if I knew how to get them here on avsim.
  5. I set up sim in an area with low visibility and storms. Then relocated airplane to kmia which was supposed to be good weather but the visibility was still very low. Had to restart xplane for accurate visibility. Is this noaa or ventura sky? Thanks
  6. The only thing that makes it look even better for my liking is to turn down the maxx fx noise to 0. Then it is crystal clear. Just my preference. Beta 4 is very nice! One more comment about beta 4. I have now moved ventura sky to my main xplane 10.50. This is my xplane copy on which I have tons of plugins and g2xpl photo scenery. Still working great and no problems so far. Thought this would be helpful to those with many plugins.
  7. I would like to try the wip beta 4. Also for some strange reason the moon was in front of my plane on the last flight but bellow my plane in the fog. Don't know the cause of that but figured I would mention it.
  8. I just recently got Noaa plugin just for Ventura sky. I was pleasantly surprised that I like it more than FSGRW. I think the presentation of the clouds and layers seem more natural to me with it. Ventura beta 3 is working great for me too.
  9. I have to agree. It's a solid product. My fps has increased significantly on my system. Is it a good replacement for rth? Yes it's good on its own although i would prefer the haze be a tiny bit more blue. If I try to make the haze more blue with maxxfx it darkens the cockpit too much. The night lighting is fantastic. Overall great script. Many thanks to Frontendrob
  10. sorry not file but i guess i should have said line 106 i believe its working for me. I see the haze in the distance and my objects are now extreme. 50 to 60 fps.
  11. Only way i could get the noaa plugin to show with the plugins, was to change the file bellow from: self.visibility = EasyDref('sim/multiplayer/position/plane19_speedbrake_ratio', ‚float') To: self.visibility = EasyDref('sim/multiplayer/position/plane19_speedbrake_ratio', 'float') Is this not right? The rolling fog was a problem for me but that came in and disappeared after a few seconds.
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