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  1. What I'd personally like to see is no MD-11. No MAX. No NG3. In fact, no new planes period until PMDG shore up the deficiencies in their shared FMS codebase.
  2. Agreed. Question more than answered. Complaint appropriately addressed.
  3. Who's making a mountain out of a molehill now? Did I label your entire post as absurd? No. As usual, you're being intentionally obtuse and rather rude towards someone who has some negative feedback about an otherwise awesome product. The NG has been RNP-capable as a factory option for a really long time. As is the 777 and the 747-8. More and more airports are receiving RNP approaches so having a certified flight crew and an RNP capable aircraft is slowly becoming less optional and more of a requirement. ILS will soon be going the way of conventional radio navigation. That is to say, the airline industry is walking it back on a large scale. ILS systems are expensive and maintenance heavy. They also don't work in all types of terrain. Since RNAV is satellite based, it works everywhere. ILS systems have some benefits. Like lower minimums and autoland. Which is why I don't think it will disappear from major airports completely. But carrying certification to fly RNP is soon going to be a requirement for an airline job.
  4. If this were true, I'd be able to do RF legs in the 737, 777 and the 748. It's 2019 now and I still can't fly approaches with RNP arcs in your planes. I don't know how you can sit there with a straight face and make this claim because it's patently absurd.
  5. The fact that iFly can do RF legs and PMDG can't is enough of a selling point; and as others have pointed out, at a fraction of the cost of PMDG too. ILS will soon be going the way of conventional radio navigation. That is to say, the airline industry is walking back its usage on a major scale. RNP approaches are being used at more and more airports these days, so the ability to support AIRINC 424 data records in your FMS is becoming rather important. It's a shame that in 2019, PMDG still refuse budge on this issue. The reason major airports are still maintaining their costly and maintenance-heavy ILS systems is because ILS minimums are lower; thus preferential to RNP in CATII and CATIII conditions. But you already can't have ILS everywhere. Partly because it's cost prohibitive for smaller airpots and partly because it doesn't work in all terrain. RNAV is satellite-based so it works literally everywhere.
  6. According to iFly, the 737 is getting a much-needed retexturing before they move on and concentrate their efforts on the MAX. Which is welcome news. But they don't seem interested in doing anything about the atrocious sounds. I see that TSS put out a sound set for the NG. Anyone know if it works with iFly? Or is it a PMDG-only thing?
  7. hohum


    Spotlights is free now. EDIT: I see someone else replied. Sorry.
  8. hohum


    Waiting for Captainsim updates is a perpetual process and I miss flying around in the L-1011. I noticed that Justflight updated theirs to P3DV4. But much to my disappointment, they seem to have replaced the CIVA with a flight computer. Does anyone here own the Justflight L-1011 Professional and can you confirm that they ripped the CIVA out of the sim? I'm not interested if it doesn't have a CIVA.
  9. If this is how you go about resolving your differences with another, well respected developer, I certainly won't be buying any more of your products.
  10. At the risk of being told once again that my serial numbers are going to be revoked for discussing piracy here on AVsim, their DRM scheme is already ineffective. I won't post links or name names, but there's already cracked copies of all of PMDG's products out in the wild.
  11. As with the direction of many other industries, I assume you're making a push into a more stable revenue stream through monthly subscription pricing with things like the Global Flight Operations, vs what I presume is currently very cyclical revenue correlated with airplane releases. Rent me my airplane too. Don't make me fork over $130 if I'm only interested in testing one of your products or flying one of your planes just a handful of times. I'd happily fork over a couple of bucks to go up in a 747 on global ops. Call it whatever you want to add to the immersion. Tell me I'm paying for fuel.
  12. Greetings, I'm experimenting with WidevieW and a mutli-pc cockpit. My VC is going to be running on one PC and my outside view on another. Is there a way to set chaseplane up so it works like the VC-only camera? Where it blacks out the scenery? If I have a "window" to the outside world on another PC I'd certainly like to turn off the scenery on the machine I'm using for the VC.
  13. Except for the fact that that the release of FSX is 10 years, 8 months old at this point. The engine itself is even older considering that it's actually based on FS9. FSX shows its age. It doesn't run very well on modern gaming rigs. That may not be important if you're a pilot using flight simulation as a training aid but for gamers with a passing interest in aviation, it makes all the difference in the world.
  14. We'll see just how limited the audience is when Rotate release their MD-11. I think PMDG is missing out on a lot of potential. They have sales data but it's based on the last iteration of their product. Sales will slump during the lifecycle of any software project. Something new and shiny though? Guarantee people will throw money at it.
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