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  1. I have done a search but I have not found a solution to my problem. The AI aircraft at all my fsdreamteam scenery do really strange stuff. Turn sharply off a taxiway and then takeoff not from a runway. The AI park inside buildings. Has anyone found a fix for this. I have looked on FSDreamteam site and nothing. He just says its not his scenery doing it. I ran the indexer at first it was just hanging but I found I had to delete multiple KLAX scenery in the scenery list and then I was able to run the indexer all the way through. Links would be appreciated if I missed this subject.
  2. No you are not the only one that this is happening to gstraight. I can be just sitting at the parking trying to go through pre flight checklists and the mce f/o just starts rambling. I am saying to myself I haven't said anything. It's very very frustrating. It ruins the entire experience. I have done all the voice training and still the same. If you find a solution let me know also. I use p3d v3, on Microsoft 10 software. FS++ I will try what you suggested and see if that works.
  3. So my first question is I was attempting a trial because I haven't purchased Voxatc yet, but I get a fatal error when I hit the enable button. Anyone have any ideas about. That? Then when I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, it said that the trial period was over! How do I get another trial period because I never even got to see how it functioned? I tried contacting them on their site but no response. With Voxatc when it is up and running do you see a build up of aircraft coming in to land when you first load up your location and you are in the cockpit on the ground? This irks me in the sim. I was just wondering if it was different in Vox. Would definitely be a plus. Is Vox really good about regulating traffic during descent and on final? Will any planes cut me off or overtake me on final? I think that's all the questions I have. Any help from some of you who have already purchased would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. @Drinian No I didn't know about the video but thanks I have viewed it and it answers everything.
  5. Just looking at this on the website looks very promising. Anybody have any details of what it will involve? ACARS, Weather, Dispatch, Airport operations staff, Pilot to pilot? What will all this mean? I am assuming more emersion in to real world flight operations but since I have never been a pilot I am at a loss. Can someone from PMDG chime in? Thanks.
  6. Will P3d v4 make some of your future goals for the product easier or does it have no impact on it?
  7. Yeah I have abandoned the idea of Voxkey from earlier discussions on this post. I am in VC mode and I am on P3d v 3.4.
  8. Ok thanks for the responses. Guess Ill have to take the plunge. Wish they had a demo so i can see how it works before purchasing. I didnt see one on the website.
  9. Sent email and never got a response. Can RC v 4 be used with p3d?
  10. Dont know if this has been answered or not but does Pilot2atc institute holding due to weather or traffic? If not Is going to be implemented in the future?
  11. PMDG md 11. No i didnt try that format but I will. Let you know how it goes.
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