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  1. I have fs2crew installed for the MaddogX. After loading P3D, under "vehicle" the fs2crew main panel appears when I run the MD82, but is missing when I run the MD83 or MD 88. I have verified the fs2crew box is checked in the load manager for the 83 & 88.
  2. This is sooo confusing you need to have a great deal of computer knowledge to get this to work. I purchased a license for the 787 and have previously tested it to take sure it works on an iPad, which it did. Where I'm completely lost is, I have the email for the license but it only allows me to open it on Notepad, I don't see anywhere where I can "extract" the file. So I copied and pasted the file to Downloads where the simserver folder is located. Opened the client and it still said the 787 in view only, so I exited the client. Now the client is nowhere to be found. This is a complete joke!
  3. Ok got it. Needed to establish electrical power first. Thanks
  4. I'm a little confused on how to trigger the left and right side of the main panel. I've read the instructions, and as I understand it I need to change the Alternate Static Source and Propeller Sync. However I'm not seeing how this will trigger the main panel, far as I can tell it just changes the assignment for the static source and prop sync??
  5. Followed the above instructions and it works perfectly now. Thanks for the help!!
  6. Having a strange issue with the PMDG 747 Prepar3d v4.2. After I load a 747 and change panel state to cold and dark it causes the P3D program to shut down and crash. If I load a default aircraft first, then load the 747 the problem goes away. I also have the 737 & 777 and neither are having this issue. Any ideas?
  7. I uninstalled and re-installed the Maddog and FS2Crew is now showing up in the Load Manager! Thanks for your help!
  8. I’m positive I’m looking in the right spot. I sent Leonardo a screenshot of the setup page to show it wasn’t there - which I wish this site would allow. So you think a complete reinstall of the Maddog? Was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that.
  9. Just want to make sure the Load Manager is in the right file. C\users\owner\documents\Maddogxfiles\load manager
  10. Nope. I've sent a message to Leonardo about this issue. They say as long as FS2Crew is installed it should be there.
  11. Disregard. It's in there, didn't look down far enough.
  12. I've installed FS2crew for the 737, 747 & 777. This install was no different than any of those. When I go to Program Files>Lockheed Martin>P3D>gauges - I don't see FS2CrewMaddog.gau.
  13. I've reinstalled it several times with no apparent issues. Antivirus is off
  14. Shouldn't the FS2Crew option be in the Load Manager whether or not I have purchased FS2Crew? It should be just to the right of "Registration" under setup.
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