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  1. My guess would be that ATC would expected you to fly the green dotted arc until you are on a heading of 081, especially if they gave you the direct entry into the holding of 261.
  2. I had something similar to FAGG. Once I realized that I could be making acquantaince with the nearby mountain range, I ignored the descent instruction, and only descended to the requested alttitude AFTER clearing the mountains. Besides repeating themselves a few times, ATC continued as normal after that, as if I HADN'T delayed responding to their descent instruction. This was FSX and Pro ATC/X. Since then, they haven't tried to fly me into any mountains, got me rather close to them into KLAS, but not enough to even trigger the EGPWS, but did have me eyeing the yellow and red blocks on my terrain radar.
  3. Lol, #3 will have the entire plane gunning for the relevant pax, not just Airport Security!
  4. Why do you think that statistics indicate that you chance of having an accident on the way to the airport, are considerably higher than being involved in an aviation accident? This idea in human control would be a disaster. It will have to be automated with almost zero human interaction/control. I feel much safer in the air, than I do on the ground. Take my commute this morning into account, 90% of those people can barely drive, can you imagine them FLYING to work???
  5. Interesting commentary on the whole situation with United:
  6. I had a response from PMDG's Support within a day, and also quick response to subsequent communication the same ticket. My issue appeared to have resolved itself, but have absolutely no complaints about PMDG Support.
  7. I am on UAL's side here, they gave pax the chance to volunteer, no one did, so they, or the computer, randomly chose four people, as I understand. The other 3 deplaned, this one refused to, so the forcibly removed him. Does it not state somewhere in the Ts&Cs that they can ask to to leave, with or without assistance, for pretty much any reason? However, this is indeed going to be a PR nightmare for United, and this guy will probably get a pile of cash from them as a result. I worked for a local regional airline that had a server dedicated to calculating how much they can overbook a flight by. I somehow doubt they are the only one that does this. The airlines do this so that they can get their flights as full as possible. As already stated in this thread, that works 99% of the time, for the other 1%, you have pax that are denied boarding, usually at the gate/checkin, or in this case, dragged off the flight.
  8. I agree, use AIRNAV for all my US flights, it's an invaluable resource.
  9. I, in all honesty, am lookng forward to what DTG come out with, when they do. MSFS has been the only Flightsim I have flown for any period of time, have dabbled with Xplane and others, but always come back to MSFS, which I have used since probably 4.0 (or so), I can't remember exactly which one I first used, but I do know that the scenery was bad (triangles for mountains, for example) compared to what you get with FSX, and the only way I could fly long distance was VOR/NDB to VOR/NDB, but that only worked in the US. Made for an interesting flying experience. For now, will cruise along with FSX, and when DTG do eventually release something, will also try it out. Or, if they don't, guess will move onto something, either way, I must be able to fly my PMDG fleet in it.
  10. When I startup the NGX in FSX, I have set it to open on the 2D panel, it displays like your example while initializing, but corrects itself once the initialization is complete. I don't really fly with the 2d panel, so if I do remove/undock it by accident, I don't worry about getting it back. Must test it and see if it does the same as yours.
  11. Lol, I had that yesterday, was on a fairly long flight at cruise so left it all to my virtual FO. When I came back, the "Save Game" dialogue was open, and the file name was something like "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooo\';'l'l';\\\\\\\\\\\", I daresay that was a case of "cockpit intrusion, cat, tortoiseshell" as well!
  12. Yeah, it will fly according to any altitude and speed restrictions, descending it will do what is necessary to keep within the relevant profile. That is why most NGX pilots prefer using V/S when descending, in order to maintain a constant descent. Yesterday I used VNAV for my descent, and the V/S fluctuated as the A/P was trying to staying within the descent profile. The FMC would indicate whether I was above or below the descent profile, and the A/P would make the necessary adjustments to get back on or stay within the profile. I usually set my MCP altitude 500-1000ft above (or below, as required) the relevant assigned altitude (or altitude restriction) so that once the restriction is passed, the aircraft will continue descending/climbing, in an attempt to keep the descent/climb as continuous as possible. However, I still think V/S is your best option in this regard anyway. The above is just my experience and understanding, there will be more experienced NGX pilots that could probably give you better advice.
  13. Ok, successfully completed a flight from KLAS to KMDW with SIDs/STARs and everything else, and it went off without a hitch. Gear retracted and panel functioned normally. Am planning to fly out of EHAM this coming weekend for my RDV flights, will see if the NGX behaves or not. PMDG Support suggested a completed reinstall, but am going to delay that as much as I can, especially if it's a once-off event. Will obviously do what PMDG suggest if the problem keeps occurring out of EHAM.
  14. Thanks, don't know what's causing it then. I don't use AIVLA EFB, otherwise the flight is the same. I am going to attempt another flight this weekend, and see if it reoccurs just on that setup, or for all flights, even though my previous one with SIDs and all went off without a hitch. I am not saying it's the Navdata, but that is the only common factor I can identify here. I program the SID into the FMC once I have received it from ATC, my route is already programmed sans SIDS/STARs prior to this, as I don't what SID or departure routing will be assigned to me before the time. Once I've received my clearance, PATC also indicates expected approach information, which I will then also program into the FMC once I am at cruise level, and make any changes, if necessary, once I receive the relevant approach clearances. I will see how my flight goes this weekend, and note it step-by-step as per your request, and report here IF the same happens again.
  15. Ok, no luck with the default panel state. Loaded the same route and took off, gear wouldn't retract and A/P wouldn't engage. Will see what PMDG say in reply to the support ticket as well.