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  1. Dez

    EZDOK V3 - I like what I see

    How to get the spot view works? Thanks
  2. Dez

    EZDOK V3 - I like what I see

    Does ezca v3 the screen goes dark when changing the view.
  3. I have the same problem.
  4. It's working now,by downloading the google chrome.
  5. When I click the button to buy nothing happens . I can't even login to my account.
  6. Trying to buy, but website buttons doesn't work. Mo
  7. Mr Makris Don't understand why you removed the post whether it was relevant or irrelevant. I follow your rules and put my name. You only said that you would delete posts if people hadn't put their name against it. Dez
  8. Thank you Kevin and FSFX team. Best regards Mo
  9. Dez

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Thanks for the info,much appreciated.
  10. Dez

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I would like to see the review on the Quality Wings forum about the 787 before I purchase it. If this product is good why do you have to make it compulsory to purchase before being allowed on your forum to look at reviews from the support? Why cant you run your forum like Avsim? It would be nice.
  11. Dez

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    All the best Sir, never mind what others say in your post. MoDez
  12. Dez

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Do I have to uninstall the 4.1,or can I just update the 4.2 on top of 4.1 Thanks
  13. Dez

    747v3 Mipmap VC Panels (P3D)

    I am using a GTX 980 Classified and 48 inch tv 4K screen, and runs very well. Mo Dez
  14. Dez

    Unable to update to last version

    it's working now, thank you. MoDez
  15. Dez

    Unable to update to last version

    I have the FSX the same problem, no problem with 737 and 777 update. MoDez