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  1. Yep, here too. http://www.avsim.com/topic/498762-clouds-shadow-and-fslabs-spotlight/ Shade is installed, but I can start FSX without it, and I've forced the shader10 folder to rebuild. The cloud shadows still don't appear until I've removed FSSpotlights.
  2. Good find, Bruno. I wasn't seeing any shadows myself and I do have the FS Labs a320 with fs Spotlights installed. As noted above, a simple deactivation in the Spotlights control panel doesn't work. Uninstalling Spotlights and restarting the PC caused cloud shadows to appear in all their glory. So, I hope you can find a fix for this.
  3. heightsmite

    Scenery Config Error

    You have to place the FSTscenery tool in the same directory as the working scenery.cfg (in program data) and run from there.
  4. heightsmite

    Scenery Config Error

    Search for FSTscenery & try that tool. Fixed it for me. uploads/12417/FSTscenery.zip
  5. heightsmite

    pc aviator

    They were kind enough to email me to announce an update for a plane I bought previously. When I went to my order page only maybe two download links out of six or seven purchases were available. I opened a support ticket but it took almost a week for them to mail me a link. Hopefully, you'll hear from them soon.
  6. heightsmite

    Magestic Dash 8 PRO bug problem ?

    The download is a ZIP file; it works. Extract the .dll file to \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\panel
  7. heightsmite

    Purchase of PMDG 777/737 - 'Captains' Manuals

    I tried a search and all I found were links to the software itself. Been thinking about a purchase myself.
  8. heightsmite

    Has this forum slowed down or is it just me?

    We're in-between PMDG releases. People are off flying (I am). Gets really rabid about a month or two prior to any rumored release.
  9. ...and the click-spots are visible but don't work in both the Real Air Lancair & Real Air Duke. Worked the last time I tried it. Only change here has been me updating ASN to the latest. It's not a matter of having the eye-point too far aft; when I use the FSX view menu to open the 530, all I see is an empty picture frame (the Garmin/RXP bezel but with a see-through screen) and the buttons are dead (appear clickable, but they don't). I suspect it's related to the ASN update and the weirdness that's been reported with exe.xml, but my copy appears to be intact. I'd attach a pic, but I see no capability for that in the new post section (coffee not kicking in???). Thx
  10. OK, I'll take a shot. Installed yesterday. First flight was KISM to KBLM using ASN. On the ground at the default KISM, the FPS went from low 20's before trees to 50's to 60's with trees installed. Settled at cruise at 8000ft., FPS was in the 40's to 50's occasionally down to the mid-20's in thunder storms & heavy clouds. After landing at Belmar (KBLM), moved the plane to the active runway at KEWR (default mostly with minor improvements), the frames dropped to around 20 where they had previously been around 12 to 13. Last night, flew the PMDG from RJAA to KEWR; once again there were obvious FPS improvements but not so dramatic. I will say the sim is MUCH more fluid than it was; I'm not seeing microstutters. Biggest FPS gain I've seen since I overclocked (2.75 to 4.1) six years ago. For 17 bucks US it was certainly worth the risk. BTW, I have Orbx Global, Scenery Tech, ASN installed, among other things. The FSX settings range from half to full right (too lazy to open FSX up now). Glad I have it.
  11. heightsmite

    Can't download NGX with sp1d

    Steve, you have to open a trouble ticket; they don't provide the service you need by email.
  12. heightsmite

    Low cruise speed

    Then try what I did; filed tickets with ASN & PMDG. ASN may already be familiar with your problem; heaven knows I bugged them to death!
  13. heightsmite

    Low cruise speed

    I had this problem this past fall after installing an ASN beta. I contacted support at ASN & PMDG & found that it was a problem with ASN. The update available at http://www.hifitechinc.com/downloads fixed the problem for me. It's not a PMDG777 thing.
  14. heightsmite

    Logbook entrys

    Try looking for this: fsxlogrecovery11.zip Worked for me.