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  1. Is anyone tending the store? I'm trying to redownload my Radar program I purchased from the Rex store, but there's been no response.
  2. ASP3D with V4 right now (beta 3) is excellent here. Beta 2 was a headache.
  3. Interested in this plane. Would you be kind enough to PM me your mod and mod update? heightsmite@gmail.com Thanks for your efforts.
  4. Thanks, Buff. Just found it when you replied.
  5. Can some kind soul explain where the pitot heat switch is in the Vertex DA62 panel?
  6. Googled and got this: https://urp-for-p3d-v4.software.informer.com/1.1/
  7. Yep, here too. http://www.avsim.com/topic/498762-clouds-shadow-and-fslabs-spotlight/ Shade is installed, but I can start FSX without it, and I've forced the shader10 folder to rebuild. The cloud shadows still don't appear until I've removed FSSpotlights.
  8. Good find, Bruno. I wasn't seeing any shadows myself and I do have the FS Labs a320 with fs Spotlights installed. As noted above, a simple deactivation in the Spotlights control panel doesn't work. Uninstalling Spotlights and restarting the PC caused cloud shadows to appear in all their glory. So, I hope you can find a fix for this.
  9. You have to place the FSTscenery tool in the same directory as the working scenery.cfg (in program data) and run from there.
  10. Search for FSTscenery & try that tool. Fixed it for me. uploads/12417/FSTscenery.zip
  11. I tried a search and all I found were links to the software itself. Been thinking about a purchase myself.
  12. Mitch, check this link. Maybe creating an exception is better? http://ask-leo.com/how_do_i_turn_off_data_execution_prevention_errors.html
  13. Scott,Before the Airbus forum was locked, there was discussion there about a CTD issue. It seems to involve certain VOR's (I don't remember if it also involved airports) that caused a CTD when the selector for VOR, airports, constraints on the top part of the panel was set to VOR if the range rings were set to 40 miles or greater. It happened to me several times, and once when I absentmindedly selected the VOR view somewhere north or Puerto Rico and the range was set to max. Boom! End of as real as it gets. As far as I recall, someone from Feelthere acknowledged this, but I don't believe it's been fixed.Try the same flight that caused a crash without selecting the VOR or airport view on the nav display before you start disabling other stuff. Maybe that's the cause.Dave
  14. I posted this in the PMDG forum; excuse the "double post," but this is driving me nuts and I'm hoping for a quick resolution so I can watch some baseball & football. Here goes:This started after installing 2 other retail A/C add-ons. When I select one of the 744 PAX models, the nav data base screen comes up and loads, then when I select OK to start that flight, the loading scenery objects screen comes up and hangs at zero percent. Cont-alt-delete brings up the task manager, then looking at performance I see that CPU usage is around 74-86% and PF is at 946mb (out of a total of 1 gb. Physical memory shows 159600 available out of 1047548. I have to kill the FS9 process to get out.Oddly, the freighter loads and works normally.Just before the two new AC were added, I also did a system rollback; Kaspersky (trial) didn't install cleanly and I went back to the day before that installation (about 2 weeks ago). I didn't install anything else in that interim. I did notice that after the rollback, I had duplicate copies of some files scattered, apparently randomly, throughout the drive; those files were appended with numbers in parenthesis (xxxxxx.xxx (2), etc.) When I try to load the 744 PAX, I almost get the impression FS9 is trying to load two 744's at the same time and the resource load is too great. I can't, however, find any dupes in that regard.Everything else works fine on FS9.Thanks for any help.Dave Skuback
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