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  1. thanks for offering them to me ,they are already digital from PC Aviator website ,put you can put them on eBay maybe somebody else collect them for real
  2. hi yes i know this one already, i trying to similar things like these guys,but only with magazines, none for sale on any sites,must already recycled these magazines got already pc pilots from 1 to 120 complete computer pilots only a few missing,when i get them, i cut them scan them and prof edited them with Photoshop ,everything is digital , multi copies for futures storage ,nothing will be kept physical is just like small side hobby ,as my main hobby is flight sim
  3. hi guys looking for vintage magazine Full Throttle or Flight Simulator World and Computer Pilot before 2002 ,i will pay for postage as well thanks meyer
  4. I actually collecting flight sim magazines. I got Pc Pilot full from 1-120 and Computer Pilot missing only a few issues bevor 2002 . what i do i buy these magazines cut them off completely scan them and make them a pdf ,all digital now as my second hobby,they computer pilots hard to get now ,none available so far,if i see them i will buy them much nicer to read on 40 inch screen then holding a real mag if anybody has issues from these vintage magazine Full Throttle or Flight Simulator World ,please let me know they are complete gone from earth thanks
  5. frmeyer

    problem with ATC

    no worries,i will upgrade thanks
  6. frmeyer

    problem with ATC
  7. frmeyer

    problem with ATC

    hi guys I gotta problem with ATC in p3dv4 ,if i turn progressive taxi here,nothing happens what i am doing wrong here thanks
  8. frmeyer

    Compatible Flight Planner

    Is Pro-atc/x compatible with Reality-XP thanks
  9. frmeyer

    help needed for Pro-ATC in P3dv4

    hi guys is running in the back ground ,looks good ,please check if I running in any problems I let you know thanks regards
  10. frmeyer

    help needed for Pro-ATC in P3dv4

    Do you mean it is not showing in the aircraft list when you select "fly now" not showing in aircraft list thanks
  11. Hi guys My airplane doesn't show in PRO-ATC when I reload the flight plan in to P3d . I got B60 duke loaded in p3d and also i added the same plane in Pro-atc ,looks this pro-atc works only for airliners . thanks meyer
  12. hi guys Is there any solution for this graphic problems for these 3 party planes in p3dv4 only happens too these Realair planes,B60 and duke turbine,and only happens outside not inside I use Ezdok camera add-on thanks
  13. frmeyer

    GNS 530W for V35B Bonanza

    it's a learning curve😀
  14. frmeyer

    GNS 530W for V35B Bonanza

    ah well ,at least gns500 works now thanks
  15. frmeyer

    GNS 530W for V35B Bonanza

    I just tried it out ,if I go to config panel p3d add-on and config the GNS 530,it looks like this and of course,only the pop up works the GNS500 it looks like this,very nice and working all the buttons