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  1. Could someone here please post a detailed tutorial on how to get IRIS aircraft installed to P3D v4 ? Unfortunately, I did not succeed in installing the PC-9, nor the T6 II. May be due to the fact that my installers are from spring'17. However, I will probably not get any newer version any more, because both shops I bought from, the Flight Sim Store and IRIS, seem to have gotten out of business. So I am kinda stuck here... : ( Thanks.
  2. so true : ) thanks for your contribution as well, familiyman! after all advices i got, it seems obvious to me that i need a new gpu : D again, thanks everybody!
  3. gents, thank you sincerely for the replies. i had a doubt, if i had missed out on something regarding the i7, because almost everyone uses that within the flight simmer community. westman, thanks for pointing out the HT on/off problem. jim, thank you very much for sharing your experience. w2dr, i wasn't aware that the 4690k could go as high as 6GHz -assuming proper cooling- interesting... you guys made the right decision very clear to me! have a nice sunday, everyone thanks, HiLok
  4. happy easter everybody! now i know this has been discussed over and over and i don't want to start a new debate here. but i hope that by throughing in my question, some people who have actually done the same could help me take the right decision. so, i can basically narrow it down to this: what performance gain in FSX/P3D can be expected by replacing an i5 4690k @ 4.2GHz with an i7 4790k max overclocked (board: ASRock Z97 Pro4)? Thanks, everybody. cheers, HiLok
  5. hi paul, i've read your post to the iris pc-24. i am very tempted, but a lot of what i read in the forums reminds me of the wilco falcon7x debacle.

    could you please give some feedback about your recent eperience with it, especially about FMC functions and what has been fixed in the update this year?

    thanks a lot!

    cheers, HiLok

  6. recent update, now on sale. i am tempted. would somebody be so kind telling us what got fixed with the last update? couldnt find anything like a changelog on their website... thanks, HiLok
  7. thanks, bert -wasn't aware of that one. bit pricy though... thanks anyway, HiLok
  8. let me rephrase that: actually, i want to run the GNS on a separate touch-screen in 2d. no idea though how well the multi-function knobs would perform in such a configuration. thanks, HiLok
  9. hi guys, interesting thread! what's the situation like in 2017? any prospects regarding RXP? has the mindstar product evolved feature wise? basically i am looking for a solution compatible to FSX & P3D3 to get familiar with the GNS430/530 series for real world flying. but i would be happy with a 2d pop-up window, no need for integration into VC panels for me. any advice highly appreciated. thanks, HiLok
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