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  1. I just finished a flight from Presidio TX to El Paso TX and there was rain in route that showed up on the in cockpit radar and foreflight. Never saw the first drop but lots of clouds.
  2. I guess you could if you had the performance tables then maybe. But I have seen the fuel flow go up as I lean. Still a mess.
  3. Thanks I did not see them. Have you found any for the TBM?
  4. OK, before everyone jumps me for nitpicking I am only bringing this up because this feature already works to some extent. Does anybody else's strobe lights illuminate the ground or other objects? The beacon lights up the tail section of all the aircraft but the strobes which are meant to be very bright are only just small pinpricks of light that do nothing at all. Also I think the taxi lights are ok but the landing lights need a lot more reach ahead of the aircraft. Cheers
  5. How about; No Altitude preselect knob. As with all other piston aircraft there is no EGT gauge. You cannot lean the mixture without this gauge. I have just set automixture on for now until they fix this. MFD/PFDs can't be dimmed, they are way too bright at night.
  6. I'm going to fly a circuit about 250 NM around my home base of KOLV. I'm going to stay low no more than 5000 FT AGL and do lots of landings and takeoffs from small airports along the way to get the feel for the much more realistic flight model. I'll do morning afternoon and night flights with real time weather to experiment with the thermal modeling and cloud build up related to daytime heating. I will probably fly either the G58 or the G36. Can't wait!
  7. I'm going all in PREMIUM for me. Preordered and waiting, bring it on and good bye to FSX.
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