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  1. Prepare3D v4.4 Per Carenado support: Hover mouse over numbers (not knobs), and use mousewheel to change.
  2. Carenado makes an arcade product. They do not make a simulator quality one. Every plane I've bought from them has something(s) integral omitted, as if it's done on purpose. They've been enabled so long by people who do product reviews, that obviously, they don't care (if they ever did), and they'll crank out the new toy with all it's short-comings, then move on to the next one. As for fixing or updating the short-comings, in their own words: "It's not a priority." The negative feedback of Carenado can be summed up: They could be great, but choose to be mediocre.
  3. C:\ProgramData\ Garmin\GTN\GTN Trainer Data\GTN\FPL That works, thanks.
  4. I used a replacement engine for the DO-228 with FSX:SE, and preferred it over whatever it is that god awful stock sound from Carenado is. The replacement engine sound changes with RPM (the stock engine sound does not), and it sounds better too. Technically, I think it's actually a jet engine, but it works. I migrated to P3D with a new computer, and don't have the replacement engine for the DO-228. And unfortunately, I think it's been removed from the library here. If that's not incorrect, please link me to it. Thanks.
  5. Recently moved from FSX:SE to Prepar3D v4 with the purchase of a new computer and Windows 10. A few questions . . * Can no longer find in library the replacement engine sound I used in FSX:SE for DO-228, but if I can find it online (or someone would e-mail it to me), how would I go about installing it in Prepar3D? * In the Universal map, airfields at departing, destination, nor anywhere else are showing (pic). In the Garmin map, airfields at destination are not showing, but do elsewhere. This problem did not exist in FSX:SE.
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