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  1. UMUT

    Landing Altitude in PFD

    Thank for you responses. Actually my friend knows english well but he don't want to open up an avsim account. He follows this kind of things on facebook. He could not find any solution yet. The problem occurs when As Real weather was disabled. So QNH is 1013 default standard level. Does anyone have any idea about the issue? I think it may be caused because of the database of landing altitude. Thanks in advance Umut Yuksel
  2. Hi there everyone, One of my best friends is having some issue about landing altitude in PFD. Issue may be seen from screenshots below. Firsty he was not using ORBX Vector. After the problem he started using ORBX Vector. It did not fix. And he press ''B '' button everytime to be ensure that QNH is set. Problem seen in every airports. Also he tried to set up PMDG products again. This problem seen only in PMDG products. Regards, Umut Yuksel
  3. Does anybody have any advise to solve this?
  4. I applied different presets but it doesn't work. ERROR applying tweak ["No popcorn" modifier] Problem with patch #0 - Patched block not found. I only got this error. I tried to open my simulator only thing i could see was black. I couln't even see my aircraft vc. How can i solve it?
  5. UMUT

    777 EFB, Comm page

    If you do that, it would be great. Umut Yuksel
  6. UMUT

    777 EFB, Comm page

    I think PMDG 777 must be revised. It must have working EFB with charts and performance calculator like PMDG 747-8. And i think you can simulate Comm page. We can virtually make ocenic clearance request without contacting any server or we can get atis from ivao or vatsim server like QW787. And i want to see rain on windows QW787 has true glass which makes aircraft perfect. In my opinion 777 deserves all.
  7. UMUT


    By the way, i tried it with PMDG 737NGX and i could see rwys and stars but with PMDG777 i am still getting that error. Please help me
  8. Hi guys, I have installed pmdg B77W then installed Airac 1802 by Navigraph. I have done 2 different flight without any issue. But today i decided to fly to LTBS airport. I started preparing the aircraft. But when i select LTBS as destination fmc warned me that '' RWY 1 is not available'' so i looked at the arrival page of this airport and have seen that there is no rwys ,no stars and no app. procedures. So i checked '' Prepar3D v4\PMDG\SIDSTARS '' there is a file named as LTBS.txt and inside of it seemed good. What can i do to get approaches of this airport? Regards,
  9. UMUT

    P3D blurred view

    You were right. It fixed. Thank you so much for your help.
  10. UMUT

    P3D blurred view

    I tried everything you advised but couldn't fix my problem. I think that maybe shadows or hdr lighting causing this. And if possible i want you to check your panel screens (like pfd,nd) is it same quality with 2d panel and virtual cockpit in your simulator? In fsx it is like same quality but p3d is different. Also backgrounds of screens not too black, it is like nayv blue. If you have any idea i would be glad to hear them. Note: i tried p3d v3.4 in only 1 pc and p3d v4.1 in 2 pc. With every combination i have this problem despite FXAA is off Regards, Umut Yuksel
  11. UMUT

    P3D V4 Crash

    I decided to start from beginning so I am gonna delete everything of P3D. What folders do i have to delete and do i have to delete registry files?
  12. UMUT

    P3D V4 Crash

    Hi guys, i need your help now. I just setup a new prepar 3d v4 after fsx. Firstly it just worked fine. Then i setup my addons like vatsim(vpilot) , PMDG , Ultra Realism Pack then it started to crashes.
  13. UMUT

    PMDG 737NG freeze after takeoff

    It did not work. Issue goes away. Any more idea? Umut YUKSEL
  14. UMUT

    PMDG 737NG freeze after takeoff

    And just gear up or gear down functions causes this. It is the main reason. After takeoff if aircraft freeze i set it back to down position then i can continue to flying without freeze but in this case aircraft performance is really bad because gears stay down. Rarely same thing happaned in landing with gear down fuction. i can't perform landing Umut YUKSEL