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    I have been simming on and off now for the last 16 years. One of my all time favorite sims is Fly! for the Mac.
  1. pontiuspilotus

    The Big Apple

    Great screenshots! I have a daughter working there, and I will be visiting her at the end of the month. As usual, I will be in a window seat, on the off chance that I may get lucky with the weather and the approach to LGA to be able to take a good shot of Manhattan on my iPhone. 😁
  2. pontiuspilotus

    Best FSX addons

    I am an FSBuild junkie, and have used it for the longest time and it has become like an old friend. Others like PFPX have stepped up to the mantle with better graphics and more features, but FSBuild has remained for me the best tool for flight planning once you get past its quirky user interface. :rolleyes:
  3. pontiuspilotus

    Pacific Islands Simulations

    On behalf of the Pacsim development/beta team, can I just say that: 1) Graham is currently packing to move from West Virginia to Salt Lake City permanently, and 2) He is trying to iron out a transfer between the old hosting provider to a new one, which he hopes to sort out by next week. Once everything is up and running development work will continue. Thanks for all the support! Syed aka Bushflyer
  4. pontiuspilotus

    Columbia 400 FSX Review - Eaglesoft web link

    Thanks for a great review. Just wondering if the reviewer has any comments on the Lean Assist function. I have found it useful at times, especially at altitude, although it can be hit or miss. Two comments are spot on: (i) the two for one deal (FSX and FS9 at discount) would be good to have; and (ii) the speed brakes are just too effective. Most times I just set to idle for descent and not bother with the autopilot.Thanks,G
  5. I am currently running Vista/DX10/FSX SP2 and have had no issues converting Carenado's Mooney and Stationair 206 to FSX SP2 using their conversion programs. However, the Bonanza F33 3D panel shows gaping holes on the left, right, and bottom with the scenery showing. I checked the install and all the proper files seem to have been copied through OK from the FS9 folders. I have the same issue with their Piper Warrior, although it isn't nearly as serious (two small gaping holes on the bottom left and right of the 3D VC). Re-installing didn't help either.Not sure how to fix this one, doesn't sound like an alpha channel problem which I have been able to fix in the past.Has anyone had the same issues?Thanks.Greg