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  1. red1

    Fake airline pilot arrested

    Absolutely surreal! Reminds me of the movie with Decaprio where he pretends to be a pilot...can't remember the name now.
  2. red1

    UK Sectional Charts?

    Don't really want to start a new topic for hope OP doesn't mind me there a source for free vfr charts for canada, besides the small sections covered by skyvector and runwayfinder?
  3. I'd love an updated version of their mooney or warrior, with a better VC and gauges. (for fs9)
  4. red1

    Landing lights...and fog

    I can't help you with your problem as I have the exact same thing.But I wanted to ask, what lights are you using for the runway...they look fantastic.
  5. red1

    Water problem FS2004

    Gus, you mentioned limiting it to 30 miles visibility. I'll say that I have mine limited to 60 and have never had this effect occur, and I fly as high as FL410. So I believe the problem is beyond that. Maybe you can try the default water textures and see if problem is still there?
  6. You can always bring up the map in the sim and bring up the airport information any time in flight, that'll provide you with all the info you need. Of'course if you're after realism and flying in the US, you should use or and use the charts and airport charts from there on a second computer or laptop.
  7. you can listen to ATIS (not sure of range) or look up winds in the METAR report online, but i beleive ATC only assigns runways when your closer
  8. red1

    Thrust Reverse in FS9

    In some must hit F2 twice to get the effect...the first time opens up the back of the engines, the 2nd time actually spools them up.