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  1. jahurz

    Downloading version 1.1

    If not mistaken if you download from Carenado download site as provided by the email purchase link you'd be given a zip or RAR folder named FO100X which is the named of the previous version but if you extract the content you would notice that the setup exe would be named FO100Xv1.1. Run the installer and you would be prompted to install Carenado Fokker 50 HD v1.1 Installer.
  2. jahurz

    Flaps lift/drag

    Pitch behavior is a lil sensitive on this plane than in real life according the friends who flew the real thing. Also in norm traffic airports the final flaps configuration occurs very late due to speed limitation on approach as most of the time we'd be sharing with category D planes. So many times flaps 25(Flaps 35 is never used unless steep approaches and runway length below 1400m) is only lowered at e,g 1200feet and stabilizing at 1000feet for certain airports. For the ATR72 operations in Borneo, the approaches are done at 140-150knots with flaps 15. Then before they'll cut the speed by 130knots before lowering flaps 30 for about 110-120knots final approach speed and you'd be touching the runway at 96-105knots. The advantage of turboprops would be the ability to stabilize the approaches(limit buffer levels are also dependent on airline procedure) at a way lower altitude than what an a320 or b737 or etc would do. The fokker 50 should be somewhat similar but with lower speeds.
  3. jahurz

    F50 repaints

    Hello is it possible for a Malaysia Airlines Livery or MASWings? Your repaints are wonderful btw!
  4. jahurz

    Altitude Callout.

    I've noticed i only get the "500feet callout". I checked the sound folder at \Sound\Carenado\CarSoundF50 and all the audio files there. I might be doing my approach or even preflight checks wrong. Any idea how to enable the callouts? BTW i have not installed GT750. I suspect the approach might not be stable to enable the callouts? but i've seen cockpit videos of crew doing crazy descent pitch and the alttiude callouts plays all the way to 10feet. Any solution? Regards.
  5. Hello, I did my 3rd flight this plane today and i've noticed all the VFR approaches only the "500feet callout" is played. I checked the sound folder at \Sound\Carenado\CarSoundF50 and there are definitely full altitude callout audios from 2500feet to 10 feet already installed. I might be doing my approach or even preflight checks wrong. Any idea how to enable the callouts? BTW i have not enable GT750 installed. Regards.
  6. jahurz

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    Yea just found out after asking some of my deck friends who used to fly the fokker 50 in Malaysia. Apparently Malaysia Airlines group ordered the fokkers with APU installed as GPU and aircon cart is not always available in the stations they deploy the planes to and the tropic weather in the equator is freaking hot on ground for the passengers so the APU helps with minor air conditioning, even the inbuilt battery is sufficient to power the cockpit for the 20minute turnaround. Nowadays even the ATR72 Hotel mode the air coming out the vents is freaking hot and hazard to baggage handler that they just hardly use it. Good old days of turboprop flying. Regards.
  7. jahurz

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    Had a brief visual circuits havent tried out the FMS as i have not read the manuals clearly but the plane could fly greatly amid take off config warning haha. Great plane to fly if one didn't nitpick on small stuffs like APU options etc but who cares. That lovely engine roar when u switch engine management to GA on approach is what i always hear when i flew on MASWings Fokker 50 in borneo,Malaysia which is splendid. Overall would recommend a buy if one has the budget for 45 dollars and loved the fokkers.
  8. jahurz

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    Apu seems to be missing or not all fokker 50 comes with apu installed? As I recall on my last fokker trip in borneo the pilots gave me a cockpit tour and constantly mentioning the apu benefit which is not present on ATR aircrafts that will be replacing their fokkers. Hoped carenado would gave it as an option seeing the 45dollar price tag.
  9. Managed to solve it. Completely uninstall all PMDG product and reinstalling them back that includes the 777. Then getting VFXcentral to install back the effects. Real pain initially but at least the effects are showing up now.
  10. Hello guys, I just want to enquire if anyone here has issues running 737immersion on their p3dv4.1. I have issues with mine where effects do not show up at all, whereas my 777immersion had the effects displayed everything in fine detail. Did VFXcentral reinstallation to cache clearing to no avail. I have contacted the devs but decided to try out here to see if any of u guys have a workable workaround. If you guys have any solutions do lemme know as it will be greatly appreciated. Regards, CHIN