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  1. I have left all of the windows heaters OFF on purpose and after 1.5 flying hour at above FL350 nothing happens to my 787 windshields. Version 1.1.1. Isn't TrueGlass supposed to kick in with fog / ice /effects ? Nothing happens and yes, my graphic settings are on top notch. Thanks
  2. 😁 Agreed. My only concern is that Qualitywingers are now distracted by the BAe 146 development as far as I know. I am therefore obliged now to start a petition to boycott the BAe 146 until 787 will be properly patched, then QWingers will be legally free to keep on tweaking their 146 🙂 Petition name -> 787 Comes First Jokes apart, let's hope LNAV and VNAV incosistencies will be properly addressed sooner rather later, the Dreamliner is a blockbuster and it deserves proper attention
  3. P3D V4.3 update is imminent. Even if it will be worth for VR users only, that's a new update anyway. Will QW 787 need an update as well to run with P3D 4.3 or the 1.1.1 is already compliant ? How long dear mates, do you think the next 787 update will take ? Considering the VNAV and LNAV issues and considering that QW is not known for its quickness.... I fear we will have to wait many many months this time. Pity, because many guys died in the last 8 years waiting for the 787 and many more will eventually die waiting for the first robust 787 service pack. RIP mates.
  4. A quirky question to all : do you think QW will release 1 big patch within around 2 months or do you believe QW will release few small patches every 2-3 weeks ? Thank you
  5. It might depends on how many hotfixes QW will release, if less than 3-4 I see it hard to comply with your list, if more than 3-4 let's say 5-6, well, in this case, the gap will be be full filled.
  6. I still have to try it our myself but reading these posts I can't figure out for someone the VNAV doesn't work at all, that's just like pressing a fake key on the MCP. Others can smoothly land even with a fully functional ILS. Which criteria/setting/procedure or whatever leads into situation 1 or 2 ? That's a mystery.
  7. I am also wondering if True Glass is installed or not. Yesterday entering for few dozens of seconds into a storm at around 10-15k feet I saw the rain pouring out of my glass shield but no True Glass effects at all on the shield, despite my graphic settings are high. 1 ) Is True Glass supposed to work also in the sky or only on ground/airport ? 2) Is there any magic formula or .cfg tweaking to make it work or simply it just happens ? Thank you
  8. There is an easy solution, to let your kids fall at sleep you don't have to read them Cinderella but the 787 FCOM instead.
  9. Yes I know it, my post infact was 50% ironic. The remianing 50% was not instead and it must be read between the lines a bit to understand that in the reality many things are better while on the home pc monitor everything is smaller, even on my 40" at 4K f.i. characters are so tiny that I had to buy brand new thick glaasses to read them. This is a reason why QW should have allowed the option to stretch the PFD main screen, instead of adding a button at the bottom of them to enlarge them ala pmdg. To Christofer : I would be honored indeed to have my name inside the useless space of the PFD, this way at least it would be filled that terrific black vertical bar. Btw, how do you use such black vertical bar ? Usually I stick on the video a post it with the metar, at least that's is what is meant for I assume, right ?
  10. How to get rid of the useless aux display on left side of the PFD ? Almost 30% of the entire surface of the display is being wasted by a black empty vertical bar with the clock time on the top, offensive initials not allowed ?? . Don't tell me even the real 787 can't kill it because that's the most waste of space ever seen in life and neither the manual not the web seem to have a fix for that. I want to start a petition about it and and that will be my core politic program to chase Trump within 3 years. Period
  11. It certainly be some sort of a brand new underwear line branded PMDG, no doubt on that. The presentation will be appropriate and many gadgets will be gifted for promotional purposes. The top of the gamma will be an airliner nose pictured in the front of underwear while an APU picture on the back.
  12. Agreed, I forgot about them. Mitsubishi is also surfacing in the regional jet market. China is surfacing, Embraer is always there since a while. The sum is that so many long hauls birds and pretty much every regional jet is missing from the simulation field. I hope many of them will be produced soon, why not ???
  13. I would be quite surpised if PMDG abandoned the 747-8 project, it seemed to me very close to the release on January screenshots.
  14. New PMDG line won't be based on planes imo but that's funny how A380, 787, A340 and A350 have been completely ignored even if they represent the nowdays spine of commercial jet aviation and they will keep on doing that for the upcoming 10-15 years.
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