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  1. Jarblibarb04

    Imaginesim KATL

    Yes it is https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?topic=troubleshoot-guide I only have the Test DLL Config, and it ALT dosent have an Installer, Where do I put the Sim objects and XMl files?
  2. Jarblibarb04

    Imaginesim KATL

    I believe so, Standby
  3. Jarblibarb04

    Imaginesim KATL

    Hello, So I recently got Imaginesim's KATL for FSX, and I followed the instructions to the T, and I still cant get my SODE jetways to appear. Their is a black outline where they should be against the Terminal, But I don't have any jetways. I cant find a Definite answer across the Web, So im hoping I can get some help here. Thanks!
  4. Jarblibarb04

    America West Express Aerosoft CRJ

    I found another Request like this n the Aerosoft Forum, So i'll check that Frequently
  5. Jarblibarb04

    Feelthere ERJ-145

    Apologies Will fix that, thanks!!
  6. Jarblibarb04

    Feelthere ERJ-145

    Hello, Would anyone Be willing to share/Make an US Airways ERJ-145 (XR or LR) Masa Airlines Repaint for the Wilco/Feelthere ERJ? thanks!!
  7. Jarblibarb04

    Embraer E-Jets v.2 Door question

    Ive had an Issue related to something like this, The Jetway Connectsto the Engines, Not the Main door, Anybody know how to fix that? (ERJ-145)
  8. So I recently Purchased the Feelthere ERJ-145LR From steam, I love the Product, expect there is a slight issue, I don't have any lights on the Exterior of the aircraft (Nav, beacon, Strobe, logo Ect.) There is a video on youtube that I watched and replicated on my aircraft, yet the lights still wont work, if someone could hep that would be amazing, Thanks!!