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  1. When in yoke profile screen check sensitivities (upper left) . Make sure neutral is at zero . Your settings in the photo are the same as mine , if you want the same sensitivity settings as me let me know . It works great for me .
  2. I found out what it was . If you go for a quick start (CTRL + E ) is starts everything but doesnt turn on master battery or DC button . Once started if you flick those two buttons to on the problem disappears . Just thought I would post in case anyone else has similar issue . Dazza
  3. Yes dont know whats doing it . Cant even access the lights panel either . Oh well bin it . Dazza
  4. Thanks already done that it seems like some weird bug . Dazza
  5. I have an issue with the otter in msfs2020 . Whenever i right click my mouse it turns off all lights in cockpit and gauges go to zero . When i release right mouse click gauges go back up . Its causing temporary loss of power whenever i right click anything . Any ideas anyone ?? Dazza
  6. No brainer just do it . There has been hickups but if your patient this sim will be epic .
  7. Thanks for the update , quick too . Some peoples expectations are a little unrealistic . Im hoping to see your influence seeping into the game in a couple of months or so , these things dont happen overnight . Dazza
  8. Full respect for acknowledging you were wrong . Just fly the sim you like and dont fly the one you dont . Makes for a far happier day . Dazza
  9. Thanks , just giving my view without getting involved in anyone elses . We are all different with different tastes , the one thing I would say though is msfs2020 isnt even a year old yet some of the negative posts on here perplex me . If you dont like the product dont use it . I prefer it over the others so use it . Not a single flight sim since I started over 20 years has managed to get me to say 'wow that is unbelievable' as many times as this one does . I know its not perfect but the potential is there just be patient people . Dazza
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