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  1. Hi im new here . I used to fly with friends on DanAir virtual and Heritage virtual . In particular my friend Jon HAV101-Jon . If anybody knows whats happened to him or any info I would be grateful . HAV108-Daren
  2. Im just really happy they are developing this sim . They have reignited my enthusiasm for flight sims . Ive been flight simming since the first releases from Microsoft and each one has advanced the genre . However none seems to have come close to the degree of advancement this one appears to be doing . Quit the negativity and embrace the future .
  3. May I thank you for making me aware of Airforceproud videos . Absolutely hilarious lol .
  4. Andy if you are still around Iam trying to find my friend Jon who joined Danair virtual . No idea what his surname was but he loved online flying and im trying to track him down . Any details you have of him would be great . Daren
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