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  1. When in yoke profile screen check sensitivities (upper left) . Make sure neutral is at zero . Your settings in the photo are the same as mine , if you want the same sensitivity settings as me let me know . It works great for me .
  2. I found out what it was . If you go for a quick start (CTRL + E ) is starts everything but doesnt turn on master battery or DC button . Once started if you flick those two buttons to on the problem disappears . Just thought I would post in case anyone else has similar issue . Dazza
  3. Yes dont know whats doing it . Cant even access the lights panel either . Oh well bin it . Dazza
  4. Thanks already done that it seems like some weird bug . Dazza
  5. I have an issue with the otter in msfs2020 . Whenever i right click my mouse it turns off all lights in cockpit and gauges go to zero . When i release right mouse click gauges go back up . Its causing temporary loss of power whenever i right click anything . Any ideas anyone ?? Dazza
  6. No brainer just do it . There has been hickups but if your patient this sim will be epic .
  7. Thanks for the update , quick too . Some peoples expectations are a little unrealistic . Im hoping to see your influence seeping into the game in a couple of months or so , these things dont happen overnight . Dazza
  8. Full respect for acknowledging you were wrong . Just fly the sim you like and dont fly the one you dont . Makes for a far happier day . Dazza
  9. Thanks , just giving my view without getting involved in anyone elses . We are all different with different tastes , the one thing I would say though is msfs2020 isnt even a year old yet some of the negative posts on here perplex me . If you dont like the product dont use it . I prefer it over the others so use it . Not a single flight sim since I started over 20 years has managed to get me to say 'wow that is unbelievable' as many times as this one does . I know its not perfect but the potential is there just be patient people . Dazza
  10. This is a step in the right direction . Encouraging . Dazza
  11. Is it possible to post a pic of your sensitivity page as i cant quite get mine right . No worries if not . Dazza
  12. I have used p3d xp11 and msfs2020 . The reason i used p3d and xp11 was to get myself back into flight simming having left it behind over 10 years ago in preparation for msfs2020 . As soon as i heard about it and saw that announcement video that came out of the blue for msfs2020 I knew I wanted back in . Having used all three sims p3d and xp11 were used as prep for 2020 , however I was aware that I might get attached to one of them and not use msfs2020 that much when it came out. One flight in msfs2020 confirmed instantly to me that my choice of using p3d and xp11 merely as stop gaps was 100% correct . I havent flown the other two since and wont be doing anytime soon . During my years in pasture I was very aware of of xp11 and p3d but neither of them inspired me to even have a go at them . Msfs2020 as already stated reignited a fire in me that had burned out years ago and im glad it did . As for the flight model rivalry I couldnt care less . Fly what you like best and enjoy it , because as recent world events have highlighted you only get one go at life and it can be taken from you in a heartbeat . MSFS2020 can only get better so thats where Im staying . Happy flying boys and girls . Dazza
  13. Ive practically stopped using the sim because of this . No im not one of the ones who demands everything immediately but up until yesterday it hadnt dawned on me that im not flying anymore . Shame because this coincided with the release of two excellent aircraft , the JF arrow and CRJ . I will be back when they sort it out got other stuff to do anyway . I want my trees back .
  14. Im sticking with msfs2020 . Yes they messed up the last update badly but hopefully will learn from it . I fly mostly GA and virtually every time I use external camera I say 'wow that is stunning' . At the moment I have those stutters but this sim has reignited my enthusiasm for the hobby . I used xp11 for 3 months prior to the launch of msfs2020 for the purpose of getting back into the hobby ready for 2020 launch . I wont be going back to xp11 . Working title joining the team is a sign asobo want to make significant improvements particularly to aircraft systems , and the fact they have recognised and rewarded someone from the mod community to do it is hugely encouraging . Lets see where we are in 12 months . If they are still breaking update after update or dumbing down the sim for xbox purposes I may consider something else, but will patiently wait and see .
  15. This . Except this one will backfire . I and many others will just wait for JF one . After JF release nobody will buy this.
  16. Same here for a couple of years . I just couldnt get into fsx , dont know why .
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