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  1. It is. i know here on vatsim see all msfs as the super simulator. I have problems with msfs all the time and the most people too. That's a fact That will not change with Fenix. Just waiting for Xplane12
  2. Unfortunately, Fenix no longer shares progress. Unfortunately, the team always announced news in advance, and the dates were always far behind. A lot of simmers have been a bit upset about this and as a result there has been no more news. Fenix failed to change strategy by first completing the news and only then making an announcement. Today I am not sure if I will buy the Fenix.I'm missing a bit of customer-related stuff here. Because I don't want an add-on by a Team like Fenix that don't work together with the simmers.
  3. Ad Blocker Plus I have. That's why it's just white. It still affects the use of the site.
  4. It's very annoying on mobile Chrome. I can see that I have messages but cannot click on them because it is hidden.
  5. No information to the roadmap? Is Fenix already in the BETA?
  6. yes, when many peoples are online, it makes so much fun. Unfortunately, vatsim and ivao share users, which reduces the fun.
  7. pmdg is a competitor and the 737 is coming soon. If the Fenix is released soon, he would have to give a date because of pmdg. At least if it comes in the next few months. This is my thought.
  8. It's a shame that there is still no date. I would like to know if it is another year, 6 months or even weeks.
  9. But it makes a big difference whether I give an exact date, a quarter, or no date at all.
  10. By the way, One of them asked for the release date on the discord. I replied that they have one but will not reveal one to harm psychology. I was immediately kicked out of the discord 🤣
  11. It is indeed shameful that this type of advertising only giving out very small amounts of information to the customers in order to drive them crazy and start a hype. For example, nobody has to tell me that the developers don't have a schedule. Imagine I have the same thing when I build a house. Disaster 🤣
  12. https://imgur.com/aSLNnKf I deleted the IVAO model matching and have now the default mode. But then i see the planes like in this picture. Ldg Gear lights are vertical. And other lights are off. Not all, but nearly all ones.
  13. No i use the IVAO model matching. But maybe this could be the problem.
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