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  1. https://imgur.com/aSLNnKf I deleted the IVAO model matching and have now the default mode. But then i see the planes like in this picture. Ldg Gear lights are vertical. And other lights are off. Not all, but nearly all ones.
  2. No i use the IVAO model matching. But maybe this could be the problem.
  3. Are you able to see the traffic due the night? I cant see them, maybe because the lights of them are off i think. If you could see them, please tell me how to solve it.
  4. One minute searching could help you faster
  5. Yes, one problem that many have is that they zoom in fully. But without binoculars
  6. MS and asobo should have involved a team like FSlabs in the project from the start. FSlabs knows exactly what the community can expect. If they had done that, and an FSlabs Airbus was there from the start, nobody would talk about other simulations today. The SDK would probably also have become much more extensive.
  7. Any news for Vatsim now? Especially modelmatching (liveries) and weather?
  8. One Question to this Addon: Are the correctly gates in there by starting a new flight? The default one is absolutely false (terrible for vatsim)
  9. the FBW team is amazing. I hope it won't be a long time the flight plan manager and calculated TOD works properly. I want to fly it on vatsim. Now! 😜
  10. My big problem is this large pixelation of the ground from an altitude of 15000 ft. It looks worse than xplane. On ultra of course
  11. We airliners simply have to wait another 1-2 years. It's a pity, but it's too early for msfs.
  12. Then we just have to wait for vatsim and pmdg and co. In a year that may look good.
  13. for comparison: Can someone fly the same video with xplane Standard 737? Post the video here?
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