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  1. Yes, just happened to me as well. Same as everyone else, you lose connection, restart and the connection setting is off. Switch it back on, restart and it's fine...until it disconnects again.
  2. Anyone having issues with autopilot not working, GPS, vnav and ALT all seem not to be functioning.
  3. I've just downloaded the AIG manager and I'm trying to find the appeal. It's great to see real liveries at an airport, but since the program doesn't work with TCAS, it feels very barren in the sky, when you can't see other planes around you. Then I flew from Logan to Providence and while Logan had planes, Providence was completely empty. Is the appeal of the game, having real life liveries and maybe seeing them in the air? The live ATC/traffic felt more immersive than this, but maybe I'm missing something?
  4. My update seems to be stuck at 98%, around the decompress-fs-base file section. I stopped the download and restarted but, it only had 50 mbs left to download and was stuck as well. I had it sit for over an hour and there wasn't any progress. Any suggestions of how to try to reinstall the update? It's the first issue I've had with any updates and I don't have any mods installed.
  5. I believe it's the issue when you Activate to Approach and the GPS sends to back to the previous waypoint rather than you continuing on to the next waypoint. Essentially, you end up doing a 180 to fly to your previous waypoint and then turn around and go to the original waypoint you were heading.
  6. Looks like an old restart of the computer fixed the problem. Mods, feel free to delete this thread.
  7. Ran into an issue where my keyboard, mouse and joystick are all unresponsive. Everything was working and then midflight it just stopped. I restarted the game and it still doesn't work Mouse - I can't freelook around the cockpit or zoom in or out. But I can change the dials within the cockpit that I can see. I can use the menu on the main page without a problem, but it's when I'm inside the plane I'm having problems. Joystick - Nothing works Keyboard - Only escape key works. Anyone run into an issue like this before?
  8. I'm trying to find a good tutorial on how to use the FMC and I haven't been able to find anything that walks you through how to use it. Does anyone have any suggestions or links?
  9. I love seeing the real world traffic on my Garmin, looking out my window and trying to find those planes. It gives it a real-world feel to the game.
  10. Is there a way to set the tail number and call sign to be the same for every plane? I'd rather avoid going to ATC Options and setting it each time. I have a specific number and call sign I like to use, as it helps me stay aware when ATC speaking to me.
  11. I enjoy flying the TBM and noticed that the Garmen on the TBM will only show other planes in your vicinity while flying with Live traffic, but if you change it to AI traffic only, other traffic doesn't appear. I"m assuming this is a bug, but wanted to see if others had thoughts.
  12. I have the same setup as you do and upgraded to 32GB prior to the game launching and I haven't had any issues with it. I've run the game on mostly high and a few ultra (not sure if it does much at ultra on a 1080p). But overall, it's run very smoothly for me, maybe a few stutters when I"m flying close to a dense forest though. Flew around NYC and didn't have any real issues.
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