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  1. What is the "FX System" Apologies for the basic question
  2. Looks like he is playing on a 1920x1080 monitor, assuming he is playing in 1080 then, it does look rather nice!
  3. It seems the Beta will only be open to those who have the XBox Pass, which I guess you could purchase for $1 and then cancel after one month.
  4. I'm thinking of upgrading my computer for FS2020, currently I have 16GB ram and the GTX 980Ti graphics card. I was thinking of upgrading my ram to 32GB and leave my graphic card as is, as new cards seem to be very expensive. A few questions I was hoping someone could help me understand, the 32GB ram, in theory that should help the game run faster/smoother, while a new graphic cards would allow me to run on better settings. Are there upgraded graphics cards that are more cost effective (I'm new to figuring this stuff out and trying not to be awed by all the shiny new cards!). If I had to pick on or the other, is RAM the first priority and then graphic cards? Appreciate any help!
  5. If the in-game developer mode allows for a WYSIWYG editing bar, this opens the door to so many of us who do not have the coding experience to tinker with this game. I'm jealous and always amazed by the capability of those who have the coding experience when it comes to this game and other games with mods and enhancements, so to allow us mere non-coders some ability to make a change here or there, would be an incredible opportunity.
  6. To those more knowledgeable than I when I comes to computer specs. In your opinion what will be the difference to installing the game on 150gb HDD vs 150gb SSD? I have the ability to do both, but curious if there are noticeable factors between the two? I'm assuming SSD will load faster, but just looking for more guidance.
  7. Are all these screenshots that they are showing in 4k? Be curious what settings these screenshots are to get a better idea of the settings people are on.
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