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  1. Just open profiles with notepad and change Units=KG to Units=LB then profile work perfect. PS sorry for answering an old post but just find this solution when i try to make working profile for Phenom.
  2. So, is possible to use GTN on two computers and how ? My soon bought powerful PC and i want to fly sometime with 4k and ultra settings, rest of time i fly on my laptop...
  3. updated to 2.7.3,0 , still v2.6 in sim P3Dv5.4
  4. Today i update RXP to v but in sim still show v2.6
  5. My sim is on root C partition, also have problem with payload in v5.4
  6. Any solutions please ?
  7. I think updated RXP not P3D, still on v5.4
  8. I am on v5.4, RXP noticed me for update and i updated it.
  9. Hi, today i update RXP to latest version but in SIM and in LOG files there is version differences . Then i unninstal RXP and install again but same things, any solution please ? LOG rxpGtnSim.dll: 23/07/22 11:23:40.611 03636 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 23/07/22 11:23:40.609 03636 INFO ] 23/07/22 11:23:43.733 03636 INFO ] using: C:\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\FLYSIM Learjet 35A\chklist.ace 23/07/22 11:23:43.830 16556 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6624 23/07/22 11:23:43.837 16556 WARN ] GTN 750.1 process is running as-admin 23/07/22 11:24:10.267 16556 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6624 23/07/22 11:24:10.280 16556 WARN ] GTN 750.1 process is running as-admin LOG rxpGTN_menu.dll 23/03/21 22:55:56.447 14356 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 23/03/21 22:55:56.457 14356 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado B350i_King_Air\panel\panel.cfg LOG rxpGTN.gau 23/07/22 11:23:37.588 03636 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 23/07/22 11:23:37.588 03636 INFO ]
  10. Thanks for reply Alex, if you in future found time and solutions, please let me know here, kind regards.
  11. Not have edit... of course when i try to import FP which is exported with Dash FP, load normally .
  12. Hi to all, i use for long time great Little navmap for exporting routes in Dash FMC and working great, but, before few days i update Dash to Cockpit version 1.025A and there is problem. Flightplan is here in FMC but when i select plan and execute FMC show only hieroglyphs and no links There is rar file with 2 plans, one with beginning name LNM ( exported with Little navmap) and second with beginning name DASH ( exported with Majestic dash FMC) https://mega.nz/file/aIVxgDJR#esJGfLmXXr-TyupK9YKs9D3eL9sFVZSWGzVIvBwUbf4
  13. Now is everything perfect, thanks FSW, you and yours planes is great, cheers !
  14. LJ35 AP not have VNAV. VNAV in FMC is just for info but this is good things also. Egg if ATC say: at waypoint XXXXX FL120, you just enter this altitude in this waypoint , select desired vertical speed in VNAV page and FMC will get to you distance to TOD, to be at this altitude at that waypoint. Of course you can alone to calculate TOD based on ground speed, altitude etc but this is easier way, FMC calculate for you.
  15. And every that bug happens in very first try, so if i latter want to change my DCT TO point no problems or if i want to change VNAV profile no problem, so there is only problems on very first selecting DCT TO and/or VNAV...
  16. Also, when i am in cruise and i want to set VNAV profile, select waypoint, desired altitude and vertical speed, after vertical speed set when touch enter plane lose navigation again, and i must again press direct to next waypoint to back plane on route.
  17. One more bug in FMC version LJ35. I assigned two keys in FSUIPC for heading increase +10 degrees and heading decrease -10 degrees steps. This keys not assigned in P3D for any control settings. Now, i am in cruise, NAV ( green LRN) and altitude hold, autopilot engaged. If i use this assigned keys for HDG decr or incr, LJ35 follow this HDG command and make turn like in HDG mode, but plane is actually in NAV mode, how is this possible? Without FMC extension this things not happens...
  18. Anyone can sent to me this XL560 RXP GTN mod please ? I sent to Bert message in mart 2022 and again this month but no answer.
  19. After 2 months we not have solution for this problem, so this FMS is unusable...
  20. "GTN 725 is essentially a GTN 750 without the built-in VHF nav and com radios" So, you probablly use 725 on this picture...
  21. Same problem after reinstalling LJ35 and FMC, all run as admin, AV off, UAC off, all sim folders is excluded in defender and AV... I use again flight LYBE-LJLJ route TUVA3N TUVAR DCT MAGAM MAGA1R In cruise inbound MAGAM i go to VNAV page, enter desired waypoint and then enter altitude, i same second when enter altitude plane go back to very first waypoint from flightplan
  22. P3Dv5.3 hf2, FMC expansion 1.5 i bought it before two days. For route, TUVA3N is standard instrumental departure ( SID) for LYBE rwy 12L/R, and DCT is from filled flightplan and mean direct to. Ok . i just reinstalled both, LJ35 and FMC expansion and i will try again tonight and callback here. One things i have, i also use RXP GTN 750 in version without FMC, maybe is there some uncompatibility. Regard your video, i use same procedure for VNAV, only for next waypoint i use DTO function ( if ATC instruct me) , not delete previous one.
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