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  1. Yeah, but they said, they gonna implement real 3D trees. But fo the rest I agree. I'd prefer a lot of high detail sprites over sparse 3D trees. If you can have both - go for it.
  2. Good to hear. Out of curiosity: How would you compare your sales rate to the time before MSFS launched? Does the often acclaimed MSFS effect really exist? 🙂
  3. That sounds really great. I never liked that the fuselage is depicted as a square. Seems this is all much more detailed now. Also real 3D trees - the only new feature from XP12 that I consider superior - will now also be in MSFS. I hope they improve the ground physics though... I am not just talking about the transition form gorund to air, I am also talking about the feel of inertia when taxiing or on take-off roll. This is too direct. Probably it's even correctly modeled, but there needs to be something to simulate the resistance when deflecting the nosewheel. Right now it feels too arcady.
  4. First, I never had problems regarding connectivity worth mentioning. And as fallback you still get all the OSM data. Scenery including buildings are still placed correctly, just with autogen textures. On top comes the graphical fidelity overall.
  5. Without those 9.5 million, we'd still stick around with sims that look like gradually improved versions of FSX. So be greatful for them.
  6. My quick maffs skillz tell me that'll be close to 1 billion $ just by sales of the main product.
  7. I agree. The fascination of flying is much more than to exactly model how a plane behaves. One of the greatest experiences of flying is simply to be up there, looking down, enjoying the view. 🙂 Whenever I thought about firing up XP11, I actually ended up flying in MSFS, as it just feels more realistic overall. Unless you are practising some edge-case flight envelopes. Besides, MSFS is actually quite useful to train VFR flights in advance.
  8. I think V1 (RL A320 pilot) has once mentioned that the ToLiss has some advantages when it comes to things like asymmetric thrust, etc. But in a normal flight, the Fenix is at least on par, if not better. For example, he pointed out that battling wind on approach feels just like IRL in MSFS, whereas XP almost feels like "on rails" compared to that.
  9. Been using XP11 and from what I've seen of XP12, it looks more like an improved version of XP11 rather than a competitor to MSFS. I agree with your overall assessment. XP has some advantages in simulation - although I think MSFS' flight model has a great underlying approach (which you can notice in action with slipping for example). Where MSFS really excels, is the big picture.
  10. I'm having a RX480 8GB. Runs fine with me on med-high settings. Disclaimer: I've only flown gliders in SU11 yet.
  11. Btw. I am impressed the tow plane doesn't fly into mountains! 😄
  12. Yeah, it just worked for me too - tried another airport. The one I tried before was community made, so I guess they have to support gliders in a way.
  13. For me it works in tutorial, but not on normal flights...
  14. I hope you know what you just did. 😄
  15. Yeah, the tow plane flight totally reminded me of when I was doing it IRL. Also the bumps in the atmopshere are depicted very well. You experience that a lot when following the tow plane IRL. What I totally like is the implementation of slipping. Finally you can actually lose some height by doing so! However: When I place myself on my favorite airfiled and step into the rudders, the tow plane shuts down its engine. 😄 Anyone knows how to solve that issue?
  16. As far as flight dynamics, I am really impressed how well they've modeled the slipping. When you apply rudder and correct with aileron you really drop like a stone.
  17. But, but, ... it's a game! 😄 Great Work @Asobo! Thanks for giving us free updates of that scale into an already great sim!
  18. OK this question is for the glider pilots among you! My first impression feels great. Following the tow plane feels like I remember it when I've been flying a glider long ago. What I'm having troubles with is landing. In the tutorial it tells me to land with 100-130km/h, but when I try to flare without spoilers out it feels like I could take a 3km runway to settle. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to land with spoilers out? The plane is the DG1000 (or what it is called).
  19. Update downloaded - but no connection to online services... well, that was to be expected.
  20. The game which makes professional sims which are also available on mobile devices irrelevant for 90% of uers I guess. 🙂 In other words: Get outta here party pooper. Not our fault you guys don't get free updates of that scale.
  21. First time I insta-download an update. 🙂 Kind of insta - will certainly take a few hours.
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